Monday, October 10, 2011

Hi -Villa Norte

So we just found out about the changes and I am............... training! I am really excited about that because that means that I will most likely have another two changes here in Villa Norte. I won´t know who I am training until tomorrow afternoon but I do know that there are only two new Hermanas coming in and they are both coming from the Provo MTC. Our pension has been kind of crazy the last couple of nights because one of the other Hermanas is ending her mission today and Hermana Ellsworth is trying to pack all of her stuff up. I totally feel their pain because packing is the worst! It is crazy because you start packing and think.. wow I don´t have that much stuff but then as you continue all of that little stuff adds up and all of the sudden you don´t have any more room in your suitcases and still a ton of stuff. It is a little rough. lol
Anyway this week was a little rough for us. My straightener broke and I was really bummed about that. I had to take a minute to mourn about that. I am just going to have to wait until I get back to buy another one. And then the next day my mirror broke. Remember the mirror that we bought right before we left. It was like a dollar mirror from walmart but I used it so much. They don´t have any mirrors like that here. So if you could look for one like that to send me I would really appreciate it. Pedro finally had his baptism but it was horrible. He got into the water and then couldn´t bend far enough down to go completely under. The bishop and our dirstrict leader tried like 3 different things and nothing worked. And then he started choking on the water. It was so bad. Hermana Ellsworth and I cried and cried. We just walked back to the pension and cried. But Pedro is doing okay, we have been visiting him and is back to normal but I don´t know what we are going to do. It was bad and I don´t know if he can do it again.
But I am still really excited for this change because you never know what will happen. I am happy for a lot of different reasons. I am glad to have had two changes with Hermana Ellsworth because I learned a lot. I learned more about Jesus Christ and my testimony has really grown. I am really grateful to be here learning about all of the things that are the most important.
I am glad that you had a good weekend with Ramona. Tell her I said hi. Also how is Stephanie doing? Does she have a new boyfriend or the same one with the dread locks? Who does she live with right now?
The pulgas are okay.. I am getting bites still but I think I have learned how to cope with it better so it is not such a huge deal. lol The weather is starting to get nice. We had two cold nights this week but it was kind of random. Also we had a little earthquake again this week. It is so funny how that is become normal too.
I hope that you have a really good time with Grandpa this week and that you guys take some pictures!
I love you!
Hermana Lichty

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