Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Week 2011

Well Christmas is coming fast here in la serena.. We can´t believe that it is this weekend! But we are excited. The package that you sent with the Christmas presents arrived this week. We are very excited and it is a huge temptation not to open them. My companion is really happy about it too. It is so good that you sent her a Christmas package too. It is the only one that she will have this year. Nobody sent her anything. :( But she has been talking about this present that you sent her and how she is going to write you a thank you card in English. She is so nice. So today we are going to do an interchange in the morning so I can go buy her a Christmas present, I am thinking of maybe filling a stocking for her or something. I planned it with the other Hermanas so that it will be a surprise.

The work here is going great. It is fun to be here during the navidad. There are a lot of programs that the ward and stake have been planing so that has been fun. And we have our Christmas conference tomorrow. It is so crazy that I have been in Chile for an entire year! I remember last year we had the Christmas conference three days after I got here and I didn´t understand anything! So this year it will be a very different experience, I am looking forward to it.

The ward here is doing good and we are having a lot of success as a companionship. I am really happy about everything that we are doing and the progress that we are seeing. We are planning a baptism for the 24th and two confirmations on the 25th. So that will be part of our Christmas. ;) And the pastor that we are teaching is doing so good! We had a stake activity Saturday that he went to were we watched a video with Thomas S Monson and did some Christmas things. Then the next day he came to church again AND accepted a baptismal date! SO crazy, but everyone is so excited about it. He is still teaching people at the evangelical church, BUT he is teaching them the lessons that we are teaching him. So this is going to turn into something great. :) My companion and I are amazed and so excited!

We have some other people that are progress too and one that should be baptized new years eve, so that will be fun. Our ward is huge so there are two companionships working the area. My companion and I have the smaller poorer part and the other Hermanas have the other part that is like 3 times as bigger and closer to the beach. But I really love our little area! The people and families that we have here are wonderful. Also we got a new ward mission leader that is so much better. So I know that is really going to make things easier for us.

Hmmm.... I am trying to think what else.. the weather has been getting hotter. I have never been in a place with so much humidity! I thought is was bad in Viña. In our house we have to been really careful because mold grows very easily everywhere because the walls literally get little drops of water, because of the humidity. And there are always clouds that surround our area keeping the heat and humidity hanging in the air. Sometimes it is a little miserable in the afternoon, but it only lasts for an hour or two. But I love la serena there is always something new to see and someone new to teach. :)

Do you have a lot of plans for Christmas? Who is all coming to the house? I was thinking you guys should make a list of questions again so we wont run out of time. They want us to plan on only talking for 30 minutes this year.. so we will see. I still need to figure out all of the details with the other hermanas but I will let you know sometime this week. Is there anything else happening this week or for the end of the year? How is Stephanie doing.. is she still dating that guy with the dreads?

Love you all,

Hermana Lichty

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