Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1st Week in the MTC

Hello Family,
 How is it going? Is it snowing there yet? It started snowing here last night and is still snowing. It is really cold walking around here in a skirt! Even though we are mostly studying and in class all day we seem to be walking outside a lot. Our classroom is always freezing.. you might be thinking I am just being a baby but the other Hermana's in our classroom think it is cold too! haha   My companion's name is Hermana Skroski and she is from North Caralina and she is going to California. She is pretty nice. It is hard to adjust being around someone 24/7 though. She is a talker... so most of the time I am just sitting there listening. She reminds me of Stephanie a little bit because sometimes during meal time she will just start talking about the most random things to the people around us and I am like "what"?. BUT she is a lot better at this Spanish stuff than I am. Oh my heck I am not very good at this... yet. I will get I sooner or later but at the moment I am really bad at trying to read Spanish. I pronounce everything wrong. But she is very good and always corrects me. We really from the Spanish Book of Mormon most days and I sound like a five year old trying to sound out all of the words. And then I get very excited when I know certain words.  It is a very good thing she is so good at pouncing the words or I would be really struggling.
There are actually 3 other Hermana's here that are going to Vina del Mar and two of them are in my district. They are awesome. Did you know we can't chew gum here? It is crazy and a little hard to get use to. Mom could you send me a pack of those same mints you sent in my other package. Oh and thank you for the package by the way. It was great. We now have decorations in our room! It is so crazy how time is in the MTC. We are SO busy all the time that the days seem like weeks but by the end of the week you are like "Whoa..  it seems like only a day has pasted." It hard to explain. I am so gald we get to do laundry today!
There are 5 other Hermana's in my room besides me. It feels so crowed!  Me and Hermana Skroski share a little desk thing and it is just overflowing with stuff.... so is my tiny little closet. That is the only place to put my stuff.  I am on the top bunk and I just know I am going to fall on my face one day when I am trying to get down. lol It is such a little ladder and the floor is so hard. It is like concrete with a layer of carpet on top. I tried just jumping off a couple of times but that definitely hurt my feet, so now I just take my time. But at 6 in the moring, in the dark it is a little scary. lol
Oh yeah we have to get up before 6:30 because there is no way we can get up and be in the cafeteria by 7. So usually we get around 7 or so hours of sleep. I miss naps! Me and my companion get so tried sometimes. But I love going to bed at night. It is just like ahhh I am so tried all the time. But it is good, we are learning A  LOT!
And guess who talked at devo last night........... did you guess? Richard G. Scott and it was awesome. He specifically talked to the sister's a lot of the time at it was great! Well I have to go I am running out of time,
Love you and I hope all is well,
Hermana Lichty

 Hermana Lichty and Hermana Skroski's first day at the MTC!
 The dots on their name tags let everyone know they are new and might need help finding their way around!
Companionship Study Time

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