Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2nd Week in the MTC 11-3-10

Hello again family!
This week has been kinda crazy compared to the last. My companion, Hermama Skroski has been sick since Saturday! It has made it hard to do anything done because she has just been sleeping the whole time. SO I had to set up camp in our room! I have had my own little work station for the last couple of days. I actually have learned a lot even though we have missed class. I was really bummed about that because I felt like I was really behind in Spanish compared to everyone. But when I hear people trying to speak I feel a lot better. lol I am not sure why it is coming so fast, but it is awesome. I kind of think it is an obedience thing. They stress being obedient in almost every meeting we have and they talk about the blessing we receive from it, so I am betting that is what it is. Like the other Hermana's in our district are not as stricked about following the rules and I can see the difference. It is kinda cool. Oh but anyway to finish the story about my sick companion, yesterday she was really having a hard time so she had my ask our district leaders to give her a blessing and immediately she felt better. It was totally evident too cause the rest of the night she just rambled to everyone that would listen! She must have missed the social interaction or something. lol
Anyway we had another apostle yesterday! It was...... take a guess, take a guess................. Elder Ballard! It was a pretty good talk and it was crazy because he talked about how we need to learn the gospel so well that we become master teachers. That was awesome to me because remember when I got set apart as a missionary President Hopkins talked about me become a master teacher like three times! Elder Ballard is the only one that I heard say that since I have been here. Cazy!
So Hermama Skroski like I said before... at least I think I said before, is great at Spanish. And just to prove my point one of our teachers took her outside the room to ask her if she was bored in class because she seems so much farther ahead then everyone else. It is nice that she is my companion though cause she helps me out so much! Then my teacher started talking about how he could see me getting frustrated in class and then when I "get" things so that was kinda cool. I can't hide anything from these people! They can read my face like a book! lol haha It is all good though. The MTC is a lot of work, WAY more work than I thought. But I can see it paying off. Going from knowing nothing to understand what most people around me are saying and being able to pray, bear testimony, introduce myself, and ask questions in a two week period is crazy! Frustrating at points, but good.
I taught myself some grammar during my own study session when my companion way sleeping and then when I was talking to some Elders that have been here 9 weeks they said they just learned the same stuff that week! I thought that was pretty cool.
I still have a long way to go..... but there is hope!
Oh my heck I almost forgot to mention why preparation day and Sunday are the best days....... any guesses??? Because those are the days we get ICE CREAM! And it is amazing... they have like a whole ice cream bar with topping and pretty much anything you could want. Almost better than DQ......Almost :)
Well how is everything going there? Tell Zach he is almost 16 YAY!
Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

 Hermana Lichty's MTC District 
(Elder Gallegos, Hermana Norton,Hermana Szuch,Hermana Skroski,Hermana Lichty,Elder Reese,Elder Rollins,Elder Crone)

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