Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Month Mark!

Hey Family!
I am doing pretty good this week. It has been and adjustment for me to be with a companion that doesn´t know any English. It is really really good for my Spanish but hard too, because when I don't know how to say something I really have to think hard in order to express myself. But Hermana Arcos is a really good missionary. She is one of those people that is really quiet but knows a lot a lot about the gospel and has a very strong testimony. I am really glad that I have an opportunity to learn from her. It is funny because all the members ask her if she knows English and she always says yes, but every time I try and say something in English or have a question about a word she gets confused. But it is okay I am trying to figure out the best way to help her learn English while I continue to learn Spanish. lol
I am learning a lot more about being humble in this change. She is just really nice about everything so I am trying to do the same. :)
It has been a really weird, we've had tons of earthquakes. I think they counted like 15 or something like that in 36 hours. Three of them were really big, it shook our pension pretty good. And one lasted like 20 seconds, that one was a little scary. My companion and I got scared every time one of them started. The president of the mission and the zone leaders have been asking us to have our ¨to go kits¨ ready this last week so we are not quite sure what to think. The week before we had a little scare with the tsunami but nothing ended up happening here. But that entire day that is what everyone talked about.
Oh and my stomach is much better. Since I found that special kind of milk everything has been great. And I have my companion on a diet... again. Every Hermana that has heard that Nutrition is my major has asked me to put them on a diet. It is kind of funny. Hermana Arcos has almost one year in the mission field and has gained around 20 pounds, so yea we are going to work on that this change. lol I am wondering if it is only the Latina´s that gain a lot of weight because the North American Hermanas don´t seem to have that big of a problem. But we run every morning so that has been a good change. With Hermana Amaya I got kind of lazy and my exercise consisted of me getting out of bed and walking to the sofa and laying down for the proxima 30 minutes. lol
Mom your long days kind of sound like my life right now. lol I just go go go all day everyday! Sometimes that is the hardest part, not having time for a nap or anything. But it is okay because we are doing a lot of good in Belloto. So yes I think you should take a day off and take a long nap.. and don´t get dressed up just wear some sweatpants and a t-shirt for the day. That sounds like a really good idea I think :)
Oh yeah for those oils, the kind that Aunt Becky sent are really good! I put it in my lotion and don´t have too many problems. I think it really just depends on the day and how many fleas we pass by. lol But I think it is safe to say that most of them don´t like the oil and lotion mix. (If you happen to run across a bag of Fireballs I think it would be okay to send them too... they are good for people on diets. lol) I almost forgot to tell you.. I got the package with the Advil and Ibuprofen.. Thank you! I was excited to get it and glad because that should for sure last for the rest of my mission :) And the tierras will be good for some of the niñas we teach.. they can be loud sometimes. haha
It is starting to get a little cold in the morning and in the night. We are going to look for some pants to wear under our skirts today and maybe another sweater. Oh my debit card doesn´t work here. I am not sure why so yeah I think you are going to have to ship me my new credit card when you get it because that is the only card that works here. I don´t know why because it is the same bank and everything. Weird.
Yeah can you believe I have been out for 5 months! It is crazy to me.. it feels like I have been in Chile for a month maybe, not 3 months though. AHH! Tomorrow I have a intercambio with a new Hermana from the states. It should be interesting because she only has one week here. That means she won´t understand ANYTHING.. just like me my first change. So tomorrow my Spanish and teaching skills will be put to the test. Lol I am only a tiny bit nervous. I get the jist of everything and most times I understand maybe 80 or 90 % of the conversation. I figure if I ask the right questions I will only have to share scriptures and spiritual thoughts. :) - and teach a lesson or two. Nothing too hard right? haha
Thank you for all the advice on the fleas.. It is good to know and try when I have bad days and get lots of bits. Could you text Stephanie and tell her to write me? She has my email right?
Tell everyone I say hi and I love them too. It is nice to hear about everyone at Church too.
Thank you for everything!
Hermana Lichty

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