Monday, March 7, 2011

Packages have arrived!

Yes I got the letter and the recipe.. thank you! I am excited to make cookies because they don´t make cookies here. I am not sure why because they make so much bread and pastry all the time but no cookies :( So yeah!
I got a letter from Alicia and Jessica,the package you sent with the Tums, allergy medicine, candy, and the Jose Smith picture, and the package from Uncle Wayne and Aunt Beckie with the other kind of oil. Thank you everyone for all of you thoughts and updates. I love to hear about everything going on your lives ;) And the oils have been good too because those fleas are crazy smart and after about 2 to 3 weeks of using something they just don´t care anymore and start biting again. So it was perfect timing to switch the oils in my lotion. I still get bit everyday but I can handle the amount of bits now ;) And Mom thank you so much for the picture I don´t know how you knew but I actually needed that exact picture for the lesson so thank you! And Hermana Amaya and I were very excited about the candy.haha
We had interchanges again this last week and I was with and Hermana from Utah. She has been out for 14 months and her Spanish is amazing! She didn´t speak in English to me the whole day and she talked a lot! lol I have a lot more hope for my Spanish now because she said her Spanish was exactly like mine is at that point in her mission and she didn´t take any Spanish before the mission. I am a little worried though because I heard her try and leave a message on a members answering machine in English and it was horrible. lol I was like what happened to your English! It is because she thinks in Spanish and talks with a Spanish accent. I am already starting to do that every now and then especially when I try and say a prayer or something in English... it is so bad! Ahh I think when I get back I am going to need a little time to re-learn English. haha
Oh but it was kind of crazy because this week I had to take a shower with only a pan of warm water. That was interesting and not as bad as I initially thought it would be. At first I was like you have got to be kidding me but it actually worked out pretty well. lol We didn´t have any gas so the water was freezing at 7:30 in the morning! Then that same day we went and helped an investigator clean her house. Her family is the family I wrote about before that their house consists of wood pieces, cardboard, Styrofoam, and blankets. It is so hard for me to imagine living like that. We washed their dishes and because they don´t have a sink or anything it was with two buckets of cold water from a hose in a porch like room because it only had two walls and a blanket over for the roof. Very very humbling. They are very nice and happy people though. It makes me view a lot of things differently.
I think it is funny how much snow you are getting in Casper, I can only imagine right now because it is still summer here. However it is turing to fall really quickly because the mornings are really cold and so are the night. It is a different kind of cold though because of the humidity. I have learned to enjoy hot drinks in the morning to keep me warm while we study and the little space heater is one of my best friends. :)
We have the baptism of Alejandro this week on Thursday so we are very excited about that.. we have been teaching him since December :)
All of the food you talk about sound so good! I am excited to eat all of these foods when I get back. lol How is everything else going? How is Stephanie doing, is she feeling better. Tell Zach that during his spring break he should write me a letter since he wants to just be a bum all week. lol Anything else new and exciting going on? I am glad everything is going well with you and Dad´s jobs. It sounds like you are sewing a lot of stuff! lol Are they all for presents or what do you plan to do with them all. :)
I hope you are all having a good week!
Hermana Lichty

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