Monday, March 14, 2011

6 more weeks in Belloto!

Hey there :)
Wow it sounds like you are having a very busy week this week, thats good :) Yes found out about the changes this morning. I am staying in Belloto 2 for another 6 weeks and Hermana Amaya is leaving. My new companion is going to be Hna Acros- she is from Columbia and doesn´t speak English. This will be fun. lol I am not too worried because really I can express mostly everything I want in Spanish it just needs a lot of correcting still. haha It will be really good though for me to become fluent. And I have only heard good things about her so I am excited. I have learned a lot in the past couple weeks about humility and pride in the companionship and really if I work on that in all my changes everything will be just fine.
We had the baptism of Alejandro this past week and all went well. He is now a Mormon :) But we still have a lot of work to do. I will send some pictures of it. Oh and don´t worry about the clothes for him. We have been talking to the members and the missionaries and found him a couple of things to wear on Sundays. We even bought him underwear, socks, and all that fun stuff the day of his baptism... that was kind of awkward in the store. :)
I have so many crazy stories from this week! Hna Amaya told me I have bad luck because all of the stories she has are from our two changes together. I think she is right though because really crazy stuff happens to me all the time. She said everyone is going to want to be my companion just so they can have stories to tell after the
For example this week the day of the baptism we were cleaning the font... very logical right? We scrubbed the walls and everything with soap and filled the font with a little bit of water. Then we go to drain the water and it DOESN'T drain. We were like ¨seriously¨. After calling around and receiving no help from the bishop, the maintenance person, or our leader misional(he told us ¨good luck¨) we had to resort to taking all the water out in buckets! So bucket by bucket dumping it into the nearest toilet. And it wasn´t a regular bucket it was like this little bucket they use to hold the crayons for the primary. lol Oh what an afternoon that was. Just wait til I get home so I can open up my journal and tell you everything. That is just like the cream on the top. lol
Oh and don´t be jealous of the hot weather and humidity that Dad had in Texas.. It is not THAT great:) That family reunion sounds like it will be a lot of fun. You will have to take a lot of pictures so I can see everyone. Were is it going to be at? And thank you for finding my journals! I will be anxious to receive them. I think I have enough room in my journal to last me probably another 5 or 6 weeks depending on what a happens in my life. lol
Tell everyone that I say Hola back! It is so great to hear about them. Thank you for all the updates Mom :)
Have you noticed how blonde my hair is getting! It is crazy, I looked in the mirror yesterday and I barely recognized myself. It is craziness.
How is everyone doing? How is Zach and Stephanie doing? Have you heard from Kellie or Jessica lately? How come you were up so early Sunday? I have been getting up lately in the middle of the night because I itch so bad. I have been putting vinegar on my bits because that seems to be the only thing that really helps. But it is okay I only have maybe 10 or 15 bits at a time so a lot better and something I can handle. :)
I love you Mom! Thank you for everything and for all you support. I couldn´t do this without you :)

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