Monday, June 20, 2011

6 Months in Chile

Today I have been in Chile for 6 months.... crazy how the times flys huh? This week has been pretty good and filled with lots of different things. We had a conference this last Tuesday that was really good. It was on having more animó and not getting discouraged, it actually helped out a lot. This work definitely is not the easiest thing in the world and there are a lot of opportunities to be discouraged so it is good to have talks about it every once and I while.

We have been working really hard trying to find new people to teach. That seemed to be one of the biggest challenges of all. We have about three different families that we have contacted this last week so we are praying really hard that we can start teaching them this week. I have noticed that the more we contact and the more we talk to people that happier we are. Amazingly it isn´t even that awkward. :) But it is kind of funny because you meet a lot of.... interesting people that way. This last week we were contacting this lady because she just happened to be locked out of her house and she was trying to get back it. In my mind I was thinking ¨what a great opportunity to talk and help her.¨ So we start talking to her and she tells us she locked herself out and she really needed to get back in because her friend was coming over and they were going somewhere and she was kind of panicking about it. My companion and I start to help her try and move this glass piece of her door. She said that this happened to her last week too and she just glued this one glass piece in and so it should just pop back out. Now I am not sure what kind of glue she used but it was stuck in there pretty good. So my companion keeps talking to her while I am trying to get this glass piece out. I wedged a key in between the glass and the wood and was trying to wedge it out when the glass just shattered and my hand when though the door. Yeah.... my companion kinda freaked out a little bit and just started saying sorry over and over again to this lady. Then there was me and  just because of the way my companion reacted and knowing that the lady wasn´t mad I just start laughing. I was laughing so hard I couldn´t even finish the contact, my companion had to. But is was okay because if I didn´t break it someone else would have. It was so funny to talk to Hermana Fawcett about it later.. she was still freaking out a little. haha
Other then that everything has been going good. We have been getting so much rain! The streets have been rivers and we have been getting soaked! Saturday the President said if it wasn´t needed, in the morning we could say home because the wind and the rain combined we were bad.It was crazy to walk to our area that afternoon though because the waves from the sea were HUGE! They were hitting the side wall and going over, getting the cars on the highway all wet. So we are hoping the rain will stop before 6 tonight so we don´t have to get all wet. :)
It sounds like you are going to have a fun 4th of July weekend! You will have to tell everyone I said hi :) That is great Zach has a job. So you guys have been getting a lot of rain too huh? That is crazy because Casper never really gets much rain. I hope everything goes well with Mickie and Ayla. She has had her for a really lot time. How many character witnesses does she need? It sounds like you guys had a really fun fathers day with a BBQ and everything. I wish I could have been there to celebrate and eat :) I actually had a migraine yesterday and we had to go back to the pènsion early. It was not fun but it was good we went home so I could sleep because I started feeling sick from it and everything. But its okay because I am just fine today :) I actually don´t mind the rain.
So do you talk with the missionaries? I was thinking that you should invite them over for dinner one night. BUT just for me you have to ask them ahead of time what they want and really make them tell you. Just cook them whatever they want something that they miss from home and then a really good desert. That is a new goal of mine. It do that for the missionaries when I get back. Because really the work is hard and they need something to get them excited or to feel really good. :)
I am glad you guys got to talk to Stephanie. How is she doing? Does she have any recent fotos or anything?
Thank you for all the updates Mom! Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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