Monday, June 6, 2011

Agua Santa

Yes it is that time again. We just found out about changes this morning. I am staying in Agua Santa and I am ¨killing¨ my new companion Hermana Fawecett. It will be her last change in the mission, which also means I will be in this ward for another two changes and the last. It is going to be really interesting. Hermana Fawecett was the trainer of Hermana Norton. We all lived together our first change in the same pension. So this change is going to be the reverse. Hermana Norton with my ¨mom¨ in the mission and me with the ¨mom¨ of Hermana Norton. Crazy! I think the President is preparing me for something. Hermana Fawecett is from Utah (my first gringa in the mission), she is very fun, but requires A LOT of patience so I will be working on that attribute this change :)
The funerals went really good. I was amazed and edified by the strength of the people that lost their loved ones. They all got up to bear their testimonies and they were so strong. It is crazy the things that happen in the mission. We sang in both the services, ¨Nearer My God to Thee¨ and ¨God Be With You Til We Meet Again¨. We were able to talk and hand out a lot of books of Mormon to the people that attended. It ended really well.
The weather is......... fun. :) In the winter is rains here, so in Wyoming how we have snow in the winter, they have rain. Yesterday is was pouring! And it came out of nowhere. It was kind of funny because the morning was great, the weather was nice, and then after lunch the clouds and the rain came. Since our area only has hills, it was like rivers flowing down them. We got soaked in less then 5 mins outside running to our appointments. At our last house the Hermana let us in and handed us a towel and blow dryer. Haha It was great because we needed them both. Then it rained all night long so today we have HUGE puddles everywhere. I am trying to be really careful with them because when the cars drive though them you can get soaked. That already happened to me once in Belloto and my companion died laughing. :) 
But the great thing about this area is our apartment is warm. I am going to have to say it is the warmest pension in the mission for the Hermanas. And I am going to be here for the next 3 months, almost all of winter so I am excited for that aspect of the changes. In Chile they only have space heaters to heat up the house so it is nice our house is warm without the heater. Also when it rains the tempature gets warmer so I like the rain, kinda :)
As for the teaching that is the hard part. My area is a very rich area so it is really hard for us to find people that want to listen. The last change was hard in that aspect. But I am very hopeful for this change because I am really starting to build a strong relationship with the members and I know they well be able to help us find people. Also I am hoping that my new companion will have a lot of energy to work this change and ideas for finding people. So yeah if you could just pray for us to find new people that would be wonderful :)
I am glad Zach found some work to do this summer. That will be some really good experince for him. How is everyone doing? Oh and yes I finally got the package you set in April! It took forever to get here. But Hermana Jacobo and I love that thing for those dogs. It is fun to be able to push that button and have the dogs move away or stop barking. Hermana Jacobo laughs so hard when we use it walking on the street. And I tried that flea coller thing for people but I am not sure how well it works. I still got bit, but not as much. But then yesterday I didn´t wear it and I got twice the amount of bits. Maybe it does work :) It smells just like the flea coller I have on my bed. How sad is it I know that smell?  lol
Anyway any new news? Tell Dad I say hello back and I miss him too. Also tell him I would really like a BBQ when I get home :) Actually I would just like to eat everything when I get home. haha I miss you all!
Hermana Lichty

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