Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrations in Villa Norte

Well hello hello!
We are so excited for this week! Almost all of our investigators are getting baptized this week and the ones that aren´t this week are getting baptized next week! It as been such a wonderful week. We have been so so busy getting everyone prepared for their interviews and making sure everyone had white clothes to wear and everything. This week is going to be the same way. It is just great. And the ward is getting so excited. Did I tell you Villa Nore has not had a baptism in over two years and that is why they closed the area? Well anyway we are pretty happy and are going to have to do some service work to get the baptismal font clean and shiny for the baptisms.
The celebration this weekend was pretty fun. Usually they do a little more as far as activities go but this year they didn´t do so much because next month they are having a big celebration of the church in Santiago. But they eat a lot of food during this holiday. Tons and tons of BBQ. So that was really good and of course everything had mayonaise on it. But I am actually really starting to like mayonaise. Also the weather was so so nice! They also have this food that is dried peaches in this sugar water with this wheat rice in the bottom. It is something that you have to get use to but it is good. Also a lot of Choripanes which are really good, especially with mayo. lol Also I am learning a lot about the fruit that they have here. They have a lot of fruit that we don´t have that I have never heard of. They have one that they call of sweet bell pepper but it is not like a bell pepper at all and inside it is kind of like cantaloupe.
They are all about games here too during this celebration. They love flying kites here. They have places that only sell kites and there are just tons of them flying around in the air. Also they make their own kites that resemble the Chilean flag, those seem to be very popular too. It was really cool though because they have a lot of Chilean pride here and there were flags in every single house. Little ones, big ones, banners of flags that go across the window, flags and ribbons on almost all the cars, and just about every other thing you can think of that they can put flags on. It was funny because one day my companion wore the flag colors and the next day I did and EVERYONE commented on it and how we were looking so Chilean. haha  Also they have this game where they have these tops(you know like the spinning tops) looking things... but they are heavy duty wood and metal bigger then your hand tops. You spin them with this long piece of string and they have different object games your can play with them. They have another typical game but I don´t really know how to explain it with out using hand gestures. Just remind me when I get home to explain it.
I am glad everything is going well in Casper and that Zach is having fun with his car. Do you have any plans of the next couple of months? Oh yeah you have that honor flight right? That will be fun.
OHHH I almost forgot! So we had an earthquake this last week. Did you know that right before an earthquake there is this noise. I can´t really explain it but its like the earth screams right before it happens or something. Anyway, I woke up to this sound like 30 seconds before it started to shake. It was 4 in the morning. So I was just laying there and my bed just started to shake, pretty hard, I could hear all the dishes in the kitchen shaking too. And it lasted like 30 or 45 seconds. It was crazy and in the morning everyone was talking about it. They said it was like a 5.9 or something and they technically don´t classify it as and earthquake until 6 so we didn´t have to deal with them shutting off all the electricity and water for days so that was good. But it was for sure interesting. We are wondering if anything else is going to happen or not.... hmmm who knows?
Anyway thank you for the letter mom and for all the updates. What is this stake vision thing for? Does it have to do with missionary work?
Love you,
Hermana Lichty

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