Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer in Villa Norte

Its summer here! All of the sudden Saturday the weather turned into summer and it is hot! We are loving it! It is nice because September is the month of wind here, so even though it is hot it is not miserable because we have a nice little breeze. And this next weekend it is a huge weekend in all of Chile. The 18th of September is like our 4th of July but from what everyone said bigger. When we ask people about it they all tell us the same things. That there is going to be lots and lots and lots of food all weekend, lots of parties, and lots of drunk people. I am excited because it is all of the typical food from Chile like the Empanadas, and Choripanes.
We are so excited for the week though because we have so many  investigators that are progressing and three different baptismal interviews for this weekend. So please if you can keep these three people in yours prayers this week especially Saturday that would be wonderful: Ignacio, Alicia, and Cathalina. We are so so so happy with Villa Norte and all the miracles that are happening here. This last Sunday was wonderful because almost all of our investigators are coming to church which is one of the hardest things for the people here in Chile. The best thing happened at church though. We greeted two lady's that we had never seen at the church and when we started to talk to them they told us they were not members but would like to be! When things like that happen you know for sure that this is the work of the Lord and He is always preparing people to receive the gospel. These ladys are wonderful and when we stopped by their house that night they were so happy to receive a Book of Mormon. We are very excited about them and about the other investigators that we have. We have literally been running from cita to cita because just don´t have enough time during the week. It is the best feeling!
Even the ward members here have been and are amazing. They have been the biggest help and are so excited about all of the investigators and how they are all progressing. And they just love us. It is funny because they are just like our family and they get mad at us if we don´t have a coat on, if someone forgot about lunch and we didn´t come to their house so they could feed us, if we are out late walking around, or if we are sick the entire ward knows and they are all asking about it. They are just great and they are always trying to help us in every possible way.
Oh yeah and because of the 9/11 yesterday we had to be back in the pension early, I think it was just to make sure everything was okay. But it was good for us because we were able to catch up on some forms and projects for our investigators. But I am glad everything is going well at home and everyone is doing good. Did you like the candies? I am happy that package finally got there. Those candies are really popular here and you can find them in almost every store.  The pulgas aren´t too bad yet..... but as it warms up they get worse. I think I should be okay with things. I found that lotion works the best and also a flea coller at the foot of my bed. I know that people reading this are going to laugh about the flea coller but that's just because you don´t understand how unpleasant those bites are! And the itching lasts for at least a week and the actually bite marks don´t go away for a least a month. But its okay I handled it last summer, I should be good this summer too. I think it is more of a patience/endurance thing. lol
Thank you for the songs mom! We are very excited to listen to them this week.. it is going to be an Enya week!  And thank you for all the updates and for the letter! Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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