Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Villa Norte is Amazing!

Hello Hello....
Things in Villa Norte are amazing! I love it here. We are seeing so many miracles here it is unreal. I could be on the computer all day telling you about all the things that have been happening in our ward. It has just been wonderful. We have so many people that are progressing, preparing for baptism, and coming to church. In the last week we have seen such a changes in our investigators and their families. There is one family that we are working with that at first was very awkward to teach. Every cita was hard for us because we just didn´t know what to teach or what it was that they wanted from the church or from us until this week. All of the sudden the lessons started to change and all the members of the family. They have all started to participate, talk, ask questions, and have started preparing for baptism. I am sorry that really doesn´t do the story justice because really it has been incredible but it is just like everything has changed with them. We are so happy and excited for them. Also this week we have been teaching Pedro,,, remember that older man that I sent a pictures of? He came to church this Sunday with his wife! It was crazy because the missionaries have been teaching them for years and years and they have never once came to church. Right now Pedro´s health is the worst it has ever been, he can barley walk, has very very high blood pressure, and he cant talk. So we communicate with a notebook. It really has been such a huge blessing to teach him. He is also preparing to be baptised so we are very excited for him!
It is really funny that you asked about my feet mom because actually I had 6 blisters this week! It was kind of rough but it was manageable because of the first aid kit that grandpa and grandma got for me. I use that stuff everyday. It was just because it is getting warm here so this week was the first week in about 4 months that I have not worn tights so my shoes were rubbing directly on my heels and toes. But they are almost gone today so no worries. And I got 3 packages this week. It was like my birthday or Christmas. lol I got two from you, the one with the shirts (which my companion and I love), sticky notes, chapstick(I shared one with my companion and she was really excited and says thanks), the socks ( thank you so much for them.. I love them), band aids (which was like pure inspiration to put in there due to all the dang blisters I had), and all the other fun little things. Thank you mom! Really good job picking stuff out. It is funny because all the stuff you picked out I wear the most and that is what my companion borrows too.  And then I got a big package of popcorn from the Morris´s! It is SO good. Hermana Ellsworth and I love it. We just eat it and eat it so right now we are trying to control ourselves so when the world ends the 27th of this month we will have something good to eat. :) No... really the world is not suppose to end but we have been hearing a lot of weird stuff about something happening on that date. Normally we wouldn´t think anything of it but in the last mission conference the president started the conference talking about how we need to be prepared with our emergency kits and backpacks. So we are prepared... no worries. But it has been interesting. I guess we will just wait and see. But anyway the popcorn came with a bunch of letters from everyone too! It was so nice to hear from everyone. I am assuming that during the 4th of July lots of people wrote me notes so that was really fun to get :) SO thank you Aunt Ora! I love the popcorn and all the letters!
We have a busy week this week again which we love and are looking forward to all of our lessons. Finding new people is a little bit of a struggle but we are working on it. Thank you for all the updates and everything. I am glad that Zach is doing good and that he got his truck up and running. That will be fun to see when I get back. How is everything going at you and Dads work? So what are you singing this song for.. is it just a musical number or for something special. What song are you singing?
Thank you for everything!
Love you!
Hermana Lichty
p.s I was going to tell you..... the plugas are back.. I am kind of bummed about that but I have a lot of stuff to try and manage them.

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