Monday, March 12, 2012

2 Weeks 2 Days left

Everything here is going good. Trying to stay focused these last couple weeks. The trio is going good, its a challenge, but we are handling it very well I think. We had the conference which was really good. I met the doctor that is in charge of the missionary health here in Chile. His name is John Welch and his is from Lovell and he knows grandpa. He and is wife are from there and they know his whole family. He said that the Nicholls boys were ¨free spirits¨.... that they were very spiritual but did what they wanted to. lol His wife really talked highly of them and said that the Nicholls were a very good family. John Welch said to tell grandpa hi. He said that he worked for Aunt Jennie and her husband for awhile. So that was a fun experience, it's such a small world. There are pictures of them here  at the conference. :)
The weather here is getting cold! I think you guys stole our warm weather.. its kind of a bummer. I like being hot more than I like being cold as a missionary. I really haven't gotten very far with the book because I am trying to write all of my converts before I leave and I have a couple of other papers that I have to fill out and have ready for my final interview with the president. So I am working on that. Although it is pretty easy for me to speak in Spanish writing it is whole different thing. lol 
This week was so interesting because the first half of the week was so trying! We were walking all day everyday for three days.... but because we were diligent and because God loves us the next couple of days we starting finding all of these new people to teach, and they are so good! SO I am really excited to start this week. It is funny how our trio works because out of all of us I have the most dominant personality and am the least timid. So I have noticed that all I have to do is initiate a conversation and then my companions follow and finish it for me. lol The other day I told them that I needed them to initiate things more because I was feeling bad that I was directing everything and Hermana Carcamo said that it was a good thing because it is keeping me focused and not trunky, :) That could be true...
I am glad that everyone is doing better and feeling better. I like the picture of the quilt that you sent, it is really pretty. I hope that everyone continues to do well! I love you all and I am looking forward to receiving the very last letter of my mission from you next week. Ahhhh how fast the time goes by.
Love you all,
Hermana Lichty 

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