Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 3

 The week was good. We are working a lot with the ward right now trying to help retain the members that we have. We are planning an activity for the end of the month that should help the members to be more involved in the missionary work and recent converts to stay active. In Chile retaining the members that we have is a battle. But we are still working really hard with that. :) The ward of Brillador is huge so with are working with all of the organizations to pull it off. The only sad thing about this activity is it will be the night that I leave, so I won’t be present to see it. But it is okay because the activity will go on and the purpose is for these people to stay active for all of their lives :)  We had a very humbling experince this last week that really made me feel grateful for the blessing that I have to be able to serve. We have a convert who has cancer pretty bad and is not doing very well. She called us the other night and asked that we stop by because she was not feeling very well. So we went and after teaching her she told us about how she was in a lot of pain because of the cancer and needed to take meds for it but had not eaten all day because she had nothing. When we saw her it was our last cita before heading to the house because it was 9.15pm. After talking to her and realizing her situation we looked at one another and told her we would be back. In silence we rushed to the pension and collected our food and then returned to her house with it. I felt very humbled and a sense of gratitude that we were able to help. Being able to serve those around you, bring a happiness that is very hard to describe and I can only pray that more opportunities like that will present themselves so that I can help.
I really hope that Steph is feeling better and that she will be able to make it to Casper. Thank you for all of the updates on everyone. I hope that Dad recovers fast too. How is Zach doing? Is he still a little depressed or has he bounced back already? lol
We have a mission conference tomorrow that should be good. It is a little sad though because it is my last. Dang it.
Everyone is starting to remind me of the time I have left which makes it hard to focus but I am doing my best. I got the book Daughters of My Kingdom so that will be something to help me keep my mind here in the mission for the next three weeks.
I hope you are all having a great week! Thank you Mom for everything that you have done and everything that you are still doing! Love you
Hermana Lichty

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