Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Letter from The Mission!

The last one......
It seems to be passing by so fast, it seems like just yesterday it was Monday! This week was so good and full of crazy things. We really have been working hard to find people and help the investigators that we do have progress. We have really found some amazing people that we are teaching right now and I know that in the next change they will progress a lot and be baptized so that is pretty exciting. We are teaching a family and this week they excepted a date to be baptized in April. But the saddest thing happened this weekend. One of the kids, that is 16 went missing on Friday. She never came home from school. So right now they have everyone looking for her and they are so worried. We are praying for them but it is frustrating because we can’t really help them. And they are such an amazing family. :( So pray for them please so that they can find her.
Also this week the pulgas have been biting me like crazy! I wake up multiple times a night because the bites itch so bad! I think I started getting bit again because we had a pretty big earthquake the other day, like a 5.9 or something and it changed the temperature. So my theory is that aggravated them. lol 
Also the other day somebody stole our gas tank... it was so lame because then we had to shower with cold cold water for like 3 days. It was a little rough but we did okay. :) Our area is very interesting to say the least. I have some good stories for you when I get back. 
So this week we have so many appointments, it is awesome! The only thing is they all want to feed us ¨once¨ so I think I am going to gain some weight this week. But that is the Chilean way to show love so it’s okay. :) I will just need to take up running again when I get home.
But this week should fly by because my last working day will be Saturday. Then Sunday I leave La Serena during the middle of church to get to the bus terminal. Then a 8 hour bus ride to Viña del Mar. Monday I have my last interview with the President and then that afternoon I will travel 45 mins to Villa Alemania to visit converts. Tuesday morning super early we travel to Santiago which is about 2 hours from Viña to visit the temple and then to the Airport for about 18 hours of airplane time. lol SO I am going to be traveling a lot and I might be a little tired when I get home. :) 
But I love you and I am very excited to see you all!
Hermana Lichty

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