Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3rd Week in the MTC 11-10-10

Hi family,
How is Casper? The MTC is still pretty much the same. Same schedule, same food (no bueno), and the same people( that part is okay :). My companion has started commenting on my ice cream addiction. lol Yesterday I got some ice cream from the vending machine and I was telling her how I was thinking I should make it a goal to try all the ice cream in the vending machine and she said " Spoken like a true fat kid... you are really a fat kid at heart." lol She said she has never met anyone who likes ice cream so much. haha
But the food is alright... not my favorite though. At first you think is is pretty good but then you come to realize that they are really good at making it look really good and then when you actually try it is deceiving! Somethings I am just like danget! This is gross. But its oaky, just part of the life I guess. I think they are just getting us pereped for the field so that when we get things that are no bueno we can just suck it up and eat it. j/k
Two of our roommates left this past week, both headed for Chile. Now we are down to four Hermamas in the room. It is kinda nice to have some more space. Hermana Skroski took over another dresser thing and one whole desk.... she has a lot of stuff! It is kinda nice though.. I have more room now too. And I moved to the open bottom bunk which has been great! I don't have to worry about dying every time I want to get down. Yay for the simple things. lol
Spanish had been hard this week! It is SO frustrating at times, I had a couple break downs this week. Everything is looking good though, I just need to be more patient. It was awesome because Elder Bednar came and spoke to us yesterday about trusting and letting the Lord help us. It helped me gain prospective. He and is wife are really great people, his wife made us laugh so hard. Oh so I was going to tell you that I can only write mail to everyone on Wednesday so any letters I get Wed after 6 pm I can not respond to til the next week. So sorry Mom that I have not responded to you letters yet I got like all 4 of them on Wed after 6. But you were wondering who I have been getting letters from.... Jessica, Kellie, you, Elder Flanigan, and who ever else I decide to write letters to. lol
Sorry I don't have a whole lot new going on. I am trying to think of something cool. Oh Sheri Dew came and spoke to us on Sunday night, she is a wonderful speaker! She talked about our missions and how it is no coincidence that we are here at this time and that we are going on the missions that we are assigned too. Like it was suppose to happen. It was a pretty awesome talk.
OHHHH I forgot... I had to go to the foot doctor this week. It was so sick. Like we actually got to go to the outside world! I have this like wart thing on the bottom of my big left toe. Like it is inside my toe, not sticking out. And the doctor scraped the top layer of and then injected it will this medicine stuff like 4 times. It hurt way bad. Now it is kind like a blister and I have to go back in 2 weeks for him to do it again. It is gross.
But all is well. I hope everyone is doing well and Zach gets his Job.
Have a great week,
Hermana Lichty

 Everyone in Hermana Lichty's MTC room

 Hermana Lichty and Hermana Norton just outside the Provo Temple
 Out at the foot doctor!

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