Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 4 at the MTC 11/17/10

I am glad everyone is enjoying my updates :) All the days here are pretty much the same so its hard to come up with new things to tell each week. My day usually starts between 5:30-6:00am, breakfast is at 7:00, there is usually class twice a day between meals, lunch is at 11:30, and dinner is a 4:30. Dinner is SO early here I always get hungry at night! But that is why I have a stash a food in my room :) There are 700 new Elders and Sisters coming in today. It is going to be crazy! That is double the amount that normally comes in on Wednesday because of Thanksgiving next week. That means we might get like 20 or 30 new Sisters. We are SO out numbered here! It is so easy to pick out sisters in the masses of Elders, they are usually wearing bright colors :) We have two new sisters moving into our room as well. It is going to be one crowed room with 6 sisters. It is so crazy because we have the same size room as the Elders yet they only have 4 Elders to the room and they get desks! I will have to send you pictures of how crowed our room is.
We are having an English "fast" on Friday.... that should be interesting. Whenever I don't know a word I always make something up that sounds Spanish. lol My companion is always making fun of me for that but at least I am trying. :) All of our "investigator" Elders that we practice our lessons on left this week. It was kind of sad. So we had to find new Elders. But it was sweet cause we found a couple and we taught a companionship yesterday. They are waiting for their visas to Mexico so they have been here like 11 weeks or so. But anyway, we taught them and they LOVED us. lol They couldn't believe that we had only been here 5 week and we were already so good at teaching, It was a very nice complement to get. BUT the real challenge is when we only teach in Spanish, that starts next week. Usually when we do contacts or talk in Spanish there are long awkward pauses cause I am trying to think of how to say things in Spanish. I am actually getting used to the awkwardness. haha
Do you remember the Croft's that use to live in Casper like 10 or 12 years ago? Well Elder Ryan Croft is here! I sat next to him at a Devo a couple of weeks ago. It was the most awkward but great "Did you live in Casper" moments yet. :) He was so excited! AND he is going to Chile too! He is going to Santiago though. Everyone I have met that is going to Chile is going to Santiago. That has got to be one huge mission. I have not met many people going to Viña del Mar besides the other two girls in our room.
I got called to be the Relief Society Coordinating Sister for our zone. It was so funny cause one of the presidency pulled me aside like 5 mins before our meeting and asked me. Then he told me I needed to set and example for the other sisters in our Zone.. all 6 of them. lol
And that he heard I have a hard time getting to bed on time. I was SO confused. I was like uhhh our lights go off at 1030 and I am always in bed by then. He said he had been misinformed. It was was kinda funny.
Anyway I am out of time. Mom I sent you a letter about some things I would like before I leave for Chile. It should be there today.
AND ZACH happy birthday in 2 days!!! take a picture of yourself driving and send it to me
Hermana Lichty

 Elder Croft
In front of the big map

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