Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 5 at the MTC 11-24-10

Happy Thanksgiving!
I would like to start off by telling you how grateful I am for earplugs. We got new Hermana's in our room last Wednesday and one of them snores so LOUD! I my gosh.... I is so frustrating. Even with earplugs you can still here it. She is suppose to be getting like a face mask or something to help her/us out at night. for the last week someone is always in there taking a nap because we are so tired from not getting enough sleep the night before. Like I said, it's loud. Pray that we can start getting enough sleep :(
This week we have to teach a whole lesson in Spanish.... that should be very interesting. I would be fun for them to record it so I could send it home for you all to watch. You would probably get a kick out of it. The English fast day was pretty good, kinda hard though. I am trying.... less then a month to go before I will be fasting from English for the next 16 months.
I went to the foot doctor again on Monday and now I have a hole in my foot! Yes I hole. I thought he would just shoot my foot a couple of more times but instead he started carving it out! I saw him start to go at it with a scalpel and I was like "Whoa... can you numb it or something first?" and he said "No". So I was like "Well can I have something to hold on to then?" He said " Yeah.. you hand. OR your companion's hand." Then he just started going at it! It HURT! And then once he was done he stared shooting it again and it hurt even worst! Now I just walk around here looking all handicapped. Oh well
Anyway.... what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Who is all coming for it? That is a bummer about Stephanie. You should text her and tell her to write me :) For Thanksgiving it is just as I predicted, we are having sack dinners and just like an open breakfast. Then we have a humanitarian project planed and two fireside sort of things. There is a rumor going around that Elder Holland is coming.. That would be sweet.
The weather here is kinda funny. Last night they told all of our Branch Presidency to not come because there was suppose to be this huge storm coming and it was suppose to snow all night. There is no snow on the ground today. lol It is cold though. Can I just tell you it is SO much colder out when you are wearing a skirt! I am not a fan.But at least our classroom is in the same building that we live in so we only have to venture outside for meals, laundry, mail, and gym(so like at least 6 times a day.. lol).
Thank you for the pictures! I showed my district and they liked them.
Sorry that I keep sending more than one email... this computer keeps messing up and making everything all weird. The only way I know how to fix it is to just start on a new email. Any way I was going to see if you could send me a bottle of iron pills. I am so dang tired all of the time! I think it is partly because of our new roommate but I am sure that I am low on iron too.
What else what else... Everything else is pretty much the same. We had another new district come in... no new Hermana's though. Still only the seven of us. The Hermanas that are in our room are going to Canada, English speaking so they are not in our Zone. We are so out numbered! But all is well.. Thank you for all of the letters! I LOVE getting them :)
Hermana Lichty
(Sent her pictures of our 2 dogs and one of Zach with a pumpkin in his lap)

Hermana Lichty with a hole in her foot

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