Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Chat from Chile

We got to speak with Hermana Lichty today.  She said on the flight over to Chile they had some engine trouble and they had to stop in Peru.  She said the Chilean people stay up late until midnight and get up later around 9 or 10.  Their mission has a little later time to be in and get up, so the people are up when they are trying to meet with them.  She said they don't have door knobs on the doors there.  They don't knock doors...they shout at the doors from the gate!  If someone is home they come to the door.  Hermana Lichty also said that the Chilean people love their music.  When they get up around 11:00 they crank up the music and sometimes they play american music.  She said it is distractimg as it usually happens during their study time and she is almost tempted to sing along.
Of the 220 missionaries serving in Chile 20 are Sisters.  And of the 220 eight of them are from the USA the rest are from spanish speaking countries.  She is still getting used to the different dialect.  She understands the written words but the people add (bow) to the end of many words and drop r's.
Her day off is Monday so we should get a new e-mail from her soon.
Oh and the most important news from Chile..........she said the ice cream there is better than can that be?

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