Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 6 at the MTC 12/01/10

Hello again,
Can you believe it is already December! Oh my heck it is going by SO fast! I'm down to 19 days and counting. We get our travel plans next Wednesday and I am so excited! Things at the MTC are back to normal since Thanksgiving. We have a new district coming into our Zone today, but no new Hermanas. That is kind of a bummer because our numbers are dwindling. I think at the end of the year there are just not as many people that want to come in. There are a couple perks to that thought. For instance there is not a huge line in the morning for the showers, or for the meal lines(those ones can get so long!), or for the Devotional and Firesides. I am so excited to go to Chile where it is going to be hot! This freezing weather and skirts thing is NO fun! Last week on Wednesday they closed everything early because of this big storm that was suppose to come and we didn't get anything but colder temps. It was a bummer too because they closed everything and I ran out of stamp! But all is well, I got some more ;) Thanksgiving was interesting. We had a lot of meetings. The first one was amazing because Elder Holland came to speak to us and he brought his whole family! Like they flew in just to hang out at the MTC all day. Some of them got up and spoke and told about there missions and stuff, we had a musical number by his grandchildren and then he spoke for quite along time about the Savior. It was really spiritual and he cried almost the entire time. He and the MTC presidency said that the was the best talk they have ever heard him give at the MTC. Elder  Hollands family even ate with us in the cafeteria.   The food was alright.... we had all the main things you would expect for thanksgiving it was just kinda odd. I don't really know how to explain it. But on of the best part of the day was the service project we worked on for a couple of hours. We cut out fabric to make backpacks for school kids that don't have enough money for things like that. I think they said we cut out about 33,000 bags. It was really great.
So was it just you 3 for thanksgiving then? How did the shopping go? Stephanie would go thought all my clothes :) But its okay I probably wont even remember all the clothes I packed away. Tell her she has to write me now.. that is the price she has to pay for stealing my clothes when I am gone :) Do you forward her my emails? The ice cream eating is going well. I still have a 5 or 6 more things to try in the vending machines before I leave though. I am looking forward to it. lol There are  two Hermana's in my room that are obsessed with not gaining weight! It is a bit annoying because I just don't think it is that hard to not gain weight. They always have some comment to make about my ice cream eating habits but I just laugh because I have not gained any weight so I must know what I am doing. Some times they try to give me eating advice and I just shake my head. I just want to say I know.. it is my major. But I am trying to work on that.
I hope everyone is doing well :)  Chase Joise around the house for me.... I am sure she misses me :) I love you all and I will talk to you very soon! I get to call when I get my travel plans.
Hermana Lichty
Oh and thank you for shopping for me :) I look forward to the package :)

 Thanksgiving at the MTC
 Service project of making backpacks 

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