Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MTC 12/08/10

Hey there,
Thank you for the package with clothes! I loved them! Those shirts were perfect! It was kinda funny cause I didn't really like that purple dressy shirt but all the Hermanas in my room loved them and told me that I need to keep it and not send it back. Then when I finally decided to wear it yesterday I got SO many compliments on it. So good job Mom.. everybody likes your style choices, even some of the Elders. lol That red sweater was too big for me there was an Hermana in my room that it fit very well and she liked it so I gave it to her :) That was also perfect timing for more mints :) I don't even remember asking for more so thanks. I had just ran out the day before :)
I got a Christmas package from Uncle Kirk and Aunt Renee'. It was so nice.. they are great :) It had a cute stocking in it with fun things, some taffy and and CD. I loved it :) 
The Spanish is coming along. It is hard but I am able to understand lots of things. All of our lessons are in Spanish so that is kind of difficult. I really have to concentrate and focus on things I want to said. It is really easy for me to grasp all of the language concepts which is amazing. lol  I just have to work on applying them and memorizing the words. There is SO much that I don't know. We had a lesson with a fluent speaker and half the time I had no idea what he was saying... it was kind of frustrating. But it is coming along.
I had my last doctors appointment last week! I am so excited about it because that doctor is not nice to me! lol He always pulls out is scalpel and cuts into my toe. But now it is healing and I am hoping it will be better by the time I leave...... which is in 12 days! Woot Woot! So yes I am really looking forward to getting travel plans today or tomorrow. - And I think I get to call, but I am not for sure. So if you don't hear from me this week I'm sorry.
No new Sister's this week again... We might be the last sister's in this Branch for awhile.. we are slowing dwindling away.  Sad Day! I am still the relief society coordinating sister, which is interesting. I have to attend all of the extra meetings where I am the only sister.  Our branch president always tells the sisters how determined I am. lol Because one time during the meeting they ignored what I had to say and a concern I had about the sister so I made it a point to meet with him one on one before he left. I sat outside one of his meetings until he got done. :) Then we ended getting it fix they way the sister's in our Branch wanted.
I am trying to think of anything new happening here. The weather is kind of crazy. It is getting so nice outside! I haven't had to wear my coat for like 3 or 4 days. It is like spring outside again and hardly any wind. It is great. We might miss the bad weather since we are leaving so soon!
I will definitely have a box of things to send you in about a week or so. Oh and I think I will send you my memory card this week so I can get it back before I ship out :)
Thanks for all the things again:) Oh and our loud roommate had a sleep apnea machine now which is really nice...... when she USES it.- That is happening every other night or so. So I have gotten a full nights sleep maybe 2 times in the last week. It is an improvement. AND they leave on Tuesday :) I am excited to sleep
I am glad everything is going great for you all :) I love the updates. Can you send them through dearelder so i can read it before email time? I only have 30 mins and then I get kicked off. lol
Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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