Monday, February 21, 2011

4 month mark!

It has been I crazy week full of ups and downs. No earthquakes yet but we heard that the United States made and official announcement about a big earthquake that is suppose to happen this month in Chile.. hmmm Yea we are getting prepared.
So lots of snow huh? That is crazy. The weather here has been weird, pretty cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. Lots and lots of clouds. Our pension is freezing in the morning and none of the houses here have heaters or coolers. Only little space heaters so in the winter I might just freeze. :) It is kind of crazy to me about their houses because they don´t have insulation either it is just like brick or wood that they use and there are lots of cracks in the houses because of the earthquakes.
I have some REALLY good news about the pulgas :) That lavender oil is working! It has been so nice to not stink all the time like vinegar. lol It is so funny too because they really don´t like the lavender so they bit my companion instead. She is a little ticked about the situation but I think it is funny. Every night she shows me the bits that I should have. lol I told her to use my stuff but she is being stubborn. I put like 5 drops of it in a big thing of lotion and use that all over my body every morning. Those fleas are smart though because they find where I don´t put it... but I am not going to go into details about that :) So now I only get bit on my hands and feet where the lotion gets washed off and rubbed of during the day. And I am going to try and experiment with those patches this week and see if they work. Oh Mom, Hermana Gillespe wanted me to tell you thank you from her for all your help with the fleas. When I told her about the lavender oil she was SO exctied and happy. She said that is is very grateful that I have been able to figure out a solution since I get it the worst out of all the missionaries here because know she can let all the other missionaries know. So thank you Mom and to everyone else that has helped with the problem :)
We have a baptism this Saturday that we are really looking forward to and then 2 or 3 more on the 12th of March.  It is crazy to me how hard Satan works to get our investigators off track. It makes for some really hard weeks but definitely worthwhile. Most days we get back to the house and are just completely exhausted and ready for bed. It definitely makes time fly by though. I was four months in the mission yesterday... can you believe it? So crazy.
So what all is happening with Stephanie... how do you get a Kidney infection. That is a bummer. Tell her to write me please :) That sounds fun about the Chili cook off thing.. I wish I could have been you have pictures?
I am jealous you all have a day off. lol Sometimes all I want to do is sleep in and it is all I can do to get out of my bed in the morning. But its okay.
Spanish is still coming along but defiantly hard. I love that I am understanding more and more though. It is nice to know what is going on in the conversations and to be able to comment.
Oh and I have some pictures from a conference we had on Friday. It was actually pretty good. We had to give 8 minute talk about any subject in the gospel and it went really well( considering I forgot my paper with the talk on it :) I can do I talk all in Spanish on the spot without practice... Yeah haha
But yeah I can´t really think of anything else at the moment... It has been a busy busy week with our investigators and finding new investigators :)
Thank you for everything... I love at miss you all,
Hermana Lichty
And yes I got that email about your uncle.. that is so awesome! Please tell him thank you for me. It has been amazing to see how the lord blesses his missionaries huh? ;)

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