Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning :)
How is everyone doing this week? Yes yes I got two packages today. One was the lavender oil and the other was the medical kits from Grandpa and Grandma.. Thank you so much :) Those band aids will defiantly come in handy down here. It seems like someone always needs something. Last week my companion had a blister on her big toe that took up the entire bottom of her toe. It was sick and I had to help her cut it off. I know I know, too much information. lol But my point is those medical kits came in handy( as well as all those blisters I got from training for those marathons :)) I had her all fixed up in no time and ready for more hills :)
This week has been pretty amazing with our investigators. One of our investigators is really old, probably around 70 or so and he has been smoking since he was little. He has a baptismal date is for the 26th of this month and after teaching him the word of wisdom last Sunday we asked for his cigarettes. He said no but told us starting Monday he would stop. We made him this can thing for him to put all the money he doesn´t spend on cigarettes. AND he stopped.. just like that and is doing wonderful, he attended church with us for the 2nd time yesterday.
Another investigator we have been working a lot with gave us all her Coffee and tea this week and even fasted this Sunday with us so she can stop smoking and get the answer she needs that is the right church. It was sweet. Funny story though. Before we went to her house to collect her Coffee and tea we bought her Ecco( the stuff that is kind of like coffee but not) and herbal tea... also I bought some cinnamon tea that was really good . After we returned for the day to our pension my companion said ¨ I think we need to look at that tea we have been drinking because it just says ¨Tea with Apple¨ and ¨Tea with Cinnamon¨. Hna Amaya had been drinking this Tea with Apple and said it was really good so that is why I bought the same kind and drank it. Anyway so we look at the tea that she had been drinking and the tea that I had just bought and had some of and it is horrible! Black tea.... danget. We were just like what the heck. We have been teaching the Word of Wisdom for the last 2 days to our investigators and we have been breaking it. Hna Amaya kind of had a freak out moment but I calmed her down. lol  We took a picture with our tea, the tea and coffee we collected from our investigator and then the good stuff we can drink. It was an interesting day. And not to worry we threw the bad stuff away.
What else what else.... Oh I put Hermana Amaya on a diet. :) She has been out on the mission for 7 months and gained around 15lbs so we are working on it. Lots of fruit and no pan(bread and pastry's) for her. Sometimes it is hard for her but for the most part it is pretty easy, I just have to remind her when we are at member´s house and at lunch. Today is her ¨cheat¨ day where she can have two things. Man she is in heaven with the idea of this cheat day. haha I just think it is funny.
Oh crazy thing happened on Friday. We were at these new investigator´s house and the are the nicest people you could ever met. They have a really small small house and we are talking talking talking when out of the middle of no where this duck comes walking into the living room. They start talking to the duck, it has a name ¨Fito¨ and it listens and follow their commands. I was laughing so hard! It was the most random thing. It even gives kisses when you ask for them and it cuddles with you! Who would have thought.... a duck. lol It was so funny because it peed on the floor too. I don´t know if you have ever seen a duck pee before but it is funny. It is just like a large squirt out of their butts. My companion and I almost died laughing.
I think thats all the really exciting stuff going on right now. The fleas and still here and bitting.. fun fun for me :) I feel like all the stuff I try works a little bit but not totally. Vinager has been the best in my opinion, that and the flea coller on my bed.Spanish is really hard but I am understanding more and more each day.
The food is alright... I am not sure what I like best. Maybe the avocados with tuna and mayonesa also the bread is really really good. I miss so many foods from the US though. Cookies for sure, they don´t make cookies anywhere here. We don´t have any fast food or restaurants in our area. I tried pizza and this is... interesting. Oh yeah also I am allergic to the milk here. I have been trying to figure out why I am sick in the bathroom every morning since I got here and I have figured it out. Last week I tried the lactose free milk and that was not it so this week I am going to try soy milk. I am praying that will work. Mornings are never fun for me... but its okay :) Also no Diet Pepsi here... no where sad sad sad. haha
Sounds like there is a lot going on at home and at Church that's great. How is Zach´s job hunt going? I am glad you are so busy at the office. Anything else new? What is Stephanie up to? I sent that letter to Ramona but it is coming to our house because I didn't know her directions. I had some extra time because Hna Amaya was sick on Saturday. I am hoping I don´t get what she had it was not fun for her and we have a lot of work to do this change.
I hope all is well :) I love getting you emails
Hermana Lichty

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