Monday, February 28, 2011


We had our baptism this week! Oh my goodness it was the hardest week yet too! i think it is just like that when you have a baptism though. It is just like Satan does everything he can to hinder it from happening. It was like everything we planned went wrong, we had a lot of problems with our companionship, and then at the end the day of somebody died in our ward and their body was in the chapel all of Saturday and Sunday. it was a roller coaster of a week if there every was one. But yeah so when people here in Chile die they have this tradition of letting everyone view the body for and entire 24 hours or more. They got special permission from the area authorities to keep the church open all night so people could come and view it. Also all during church they had the viewing in the room behind the chapel( you know the one that they open up if there are not enough seats in the sacrament room). it was kind of weird to me. But that was crazy when we found out about that the day of at like ten in the morning. We were running around all day trying to change everything and get permission from the Bishop and stake president to have it at the stake center. But finally when it was time to have the baptism at 8 that night everything calmed down and went exactly right for the first time that week. It was such a surreal experience. It is impossible to explain all the feeling and thoughts you have when someone you have found is walking into the font and then when they come up out from the water. i think only Hermana Amaya and I can fully understand and see the change that has taken place it this family. It is nice to be able to see that all the hard work that we do everyday, all the sweat, blisters, and tears have made a difference for someone. In the end the funeral was good because the family asked us to come and hand out pamphlets, Book of Mormons, and talk about the plan of salvation because a lot of the people attending were not members. They even mentioned us in the service and said the Siser Missionaries are here and can teach you about this plan and everything, it was pretty good. 
It sounds like you guys have had a busy week with things to do. All of those activities sound fun! I am a little jealous sometimes because I just miss the life I am use to in the United States. :) As for who feeds us it is the ward members. We get feed the one big meal that they eat(Lunch) everyday except for on Monday. It is kind of a hit and miss though because lots of things they eat really aren't too bad but sometimes its a little rough. That is one thing that is really hard for me here, not being able to have a choice on what I get to eat and the portions. i miss that so much.  I love Mondays because I get to choose :) Most of the families are really awesome though. It is only sometimes that they forget or fed us something that is gross. We eat a lot of rice and tomatoes and mayonasa.  As for snacks I eat a lot of fruit and different candy things. The candy is hard to explain because it is all very similar but different at the same time. I will have to send some home to you guys or bring a bunch back in my suitcase. lol
Spanish is still coming along slowly. It is still very frustrating at times though. We had interchanges on Wednesday and I was with Hermana Morales, she is from Argentina. Very very nice but doesn´t know any English whatsoever. It was really good though because we talked all day and were able to understand each other. We even stayed up a little later than we were suppose to because we were talking. She is really quite though so I ended up talking a lot and I was so happy with how much I could say in Spanish. She was so nice and complemented me a lot on how good my Spanish was especially for it only being month 4. It is so nice to be able to understand more and more every week. It make things not feel so different.
Thank you for everything Mom!  Love you all and miss you a lot!
Hermana Lichty

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