Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

And the earthquakes begin....
It had been a week full of a lot of interesting things including earthquakes. Yes we have been feeling earthquakes. The one Dad is talking about was a 4 on the scale, it shook us like twice in like 20 seconds. The next day they had another big one in Concepcion that was a 7 I think and then the day after that we had another baby one here. It is kinda freaking us out because they announced that there is suppose to be a big earthquake this month in Valparaiso and Belloto is in Valparaiso. They say that the last really big earthquake they had here was in 84 or 85 and they are expecting it to be as bad as that one. Like it is suppose to be huge. So we have our emergency kits ready and our emergency supply of food and water. The earthquake that was in Concepcion last year affected Belloto too. They said they were without electricity, water, food, and any form of communication for 3 days, so yeah we are waiting for something. It is kind of nerve wreaking because every time we have lunch at a members house they are talking about the earthquakes and yes I understand almost everything they are saying about them and it is not good. But we are prepared :)
Hermana Amaya was really sick on Monday night and Tuesday so we had to travel to Viña for the morning and get her medicine. We found a MacDonald´s there and it was so good. lol I had the Elders in the office drop us off there. It was funny.
Our investigators are doing okay. I have some pictures of Alejandro because we did this service project at his house on Saturday. I am so sore from it. We cleaned up is front yard and hauled all the tree branches and bushes into a hole in his back yard. It was kind of random but that is what he wanted. I think he was surprised at how much we really just want to help him. It is just so sad because he really has nothing, not even running water for the toilet or a shower. Sad sad We are trying to find some Church clothes for him at the moment.
Another investigator is having a really hard time. Her husband almost cut 3 of his fingers off,had to go to three hospitals and had a 4 hour surgery to try and fix it. They have not idea how they will pay for it our how he is going to work. It is a test of their faith. I am praying for there family because they are so good. We went over and had a little family home evening and made cards for him and ate Flan and Flac cookies. I hope it helped them.
As for the milk we can´t find any Soy milk in any of the stores but I found this special kind of digestion milk that seems to agree with me a lot better. lol It has been nice to have a break from being sick and having a stomach ache every morning.
That is awesome about Zach and the letter. Hopefully they respond or do something with it- Since he is such a good writer maybe he should try writing me a letter :)  Oh and thanks for the picture.. I was wondering about them. What is the date for their wedding?
As for the package from grandpa and grandma they can wait and send it in a couple of months. I am doing pretty good with everything right now. Thank you thank :) I actually got another blister yesterday.
Oh did you get all the pictures I sent last week because I got an email that said they failed or something. I will send them again.
I am losing my English. The last couple of times people have asked me how to say words in English I have forgotten. I still don´t remember, even Hermana Amaya is surprised with the words I can´t remember. I don´t know what is happening. :)
How is the snow there? I am praying for cooler weather here. But the members tell us by mid March it gets better. Anything else new going on? How is Dad and Stephanie doing since they haven´t written me yet? :) I have a lot of fun stuff to make for you guys when I get home. All they food here is different. I am staring to really like it :)

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