Monday, April 11, 2011

Almost Chilana

Hola Family!
Today I am doing good :) I am almost Chilana, only 2 more weeks and I will have my Chilano ID. It has been a crazy week to say the least. Thursday night we were at the house of this investigator when all of the sudden all the power went out. I was so confused for awhile there trying to figure out what happened. lol So we finished up by the light of candle and walked home in the dark dark. No street lights or anything. Then once at the pension we lit candles that I had bought in the case of a big earthquake. It was so good we had them because we had absolutely no light at all in the pension.Then for the rest of the night we planned and filled out forms by way of the two candles and my little flashlight. I still have no idea why we had no power but it definitely made things interesting. But when we woke up in the morning everything was back to normal. It was kind of funny because the lights did come back on for the people that live below us after about 3 hours but it must have been a low voltage or something because nothing in our upstairs pension worked. Probably it is because our pension is ghetto! lol
But these last week we had intercambios and I loved it! I went to Viña for the day with Hermana Nortan. It was so great to teach together and see how far we have both come in the last 3 months. I was so happy because we went to all the appointments and talked with everyone teaching them lessons and the language was no problem. It was great to not be worried about the language. I am far from fluent but I can for sure get my point across and say what is on my mind and so can Hermana Nortan so it was amazing. Also being able to talk to someone that understands me and knows me from before was awesome too. I think we both needed that intercambio. I have a lot more confidence in my Spanish and abilities as a missionary. I feel like if it was necessary I could teach and do all of the things needed with a companion that is like me and Hermana Nortan. And Viña was beautiful! We got a couple really good pictures in her area. Ahhh I miss her! Oh yeah it was crazy because one appointment we had this girl was super awesome and the lesson went really well. I gave the first Vision of Jose Smith and after she started to tell us about it. She said she has this ability to see Spirits, good and bad, and in those moments when I was reciting the 1st vision a spirit entered the room and everything was clear and white and she felt a peace inside. It was crazy but awesome, because then she started talking about a lot of other experiences she has had and it just reaffirmed everything that we believe. Oh and she said always when people start to talk about Jesus and mention His name a couple of times good Spirits come. I thought that was really cool.
Oh so I received the package you sent on Friday! Thank you so much Mom! That was an amazing surprise, with all the candy and fun things. I have been sharing the candy and my companion and others love it :) The church things you sent are great too! Thank you thank you!  And I am excited about what you have gotten me for those fleas ;) I do have one other request if you haven´t sent that package yet. I think this is a job for Dad. Dad can you look for a thing that repells dogs? The Elders let us use one they have called a Dog Repeller. It is this black thing and when you press the button the dogs stop barking and calm down. It is really helpful so we don´t have to shout so loud and we can press the door bells without worrying about getting bit. lol
That is too bad about Stacy.. did they say about how much time she has left? But that is good you guys now have Jasper :) I am excited to met this little guy! It sounds like fun at the house with those dogs. I am totally bias to the dogs in the US. All the dogs here have fleas and disease that slowly kill them and make them look really ugly. Lots of times I tell my companion, I really hope that dog dies soon so it wont have to suffer anymore. Its true! lol
Yeah, it is getting cold here in Belloto! I have a lot of things to layer with so that is good and I have bought a couple of thick tights for under my skirt so that helps a lot. And at night I layer too with sweatpants and a sweatshirt, socks, and my hood. lol I am hoping for a transfer this next change so I can go to a pension that is warmer... not just boards put together. Cross your fingers for me. lol
This week was really rough with our companionship.. when had a couple of very heated discussions but I am hoping the worst of it is over. We are working on our communication. I had a breakdown at a members house before lunch yesterday because of it, that was no bueno but they were so good about it and told my they loved me and to be strong and have patince. I am hoping it is all better. My companion is really good and showing her love for me, that is one thing I really like about her ;)
The people in Chile seem to like us. I haven´t had any bad experinces. The members have this twisted view about us though. They think we are all rich, have been members all our lives, and that life is just really really easy for us. That is a little difficult somethings. And the men are always honking their horns and making kissy noises when we walk by. We always ignore it. lol
Thank you for all the updates... I love reading about them! How is everyone in our family doing? It sounds like everyone is keeping busy! 
Thank you for everything Mom!
Love you all,

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