Monday, April 25, 2011

6 Months in to her mission!

Yeah! Si 6 months down.. oh how the time flys :)  We found out about the changes this morning and guess where I am going................. Viña! Yeah the coast, the area all the missionary's want to go! And my new companion is from El Salvador, again. haha But I am really excited because I have heard that she is really funny and always smiling. She doesn't speak anything except Spanish but that is alright because that is my life right now. :) I am really excited about this change. But when I heard that I was leaving on Saturday night I was so sad! I started to pack a little bit and just started crying! I am going to miss Belloto so much. It is such a crazy change that has occurred in the last 4 months here. The first couple of weeks were really rough because I missed all of you guys and everything about the United States and now I am so sad to leave everyone. I just love all of the people in this ward and my converts and all of the families and people we have been teaching.  It is a good change but hard at the same time. I hope that makes sense. And I am excited because the new apartment is warmer then this one.. yay! And no se but I think I might be living with Hermana Nortan again because it is the same pension that I had intercambios in a couple weeks ago :)
So yes this week was ¨Semana Santa¨, yeah sorry about the whole English-Spanish thing. My mind sometimes has a hard time remembering which language is which and I have a hard time remembering all of the words I need. lol But its okay :) ¨Semana Santa¨ means Holy Week in Spanish and it is basically Easter for the people here. But they don´t celebrate it the same way. It is more of a time to remember Jesus and that he was resurrected, people visit their families, lots of people get time off of work, and they have parties. I am convinced that they just look for every excuse to have a party. It is fun though. :)
We had a really good week as far as the missionary work goes. We had a ¨Family Home Evening¨ as a ward with the primary where we talked about the missionary work and (oh no, I don´t remember this work in English)ahh ¨aminarles¨ like to encourage them or make them excited about the work and a mission. It was really good, and we had a couple non members attend and I was able to talk to them and set up times to visit them. And they came to church on Sunday which was awesome because I was able to talk to my ward for one last time and bear my testimony to them :)
Oh and we had a really cool lesson this week with a women that is reading the Book of Mormon. I am not sure why but every time I have shared the 1st vision with people crazy things happen. This time after, she started by asking us if we believe that dreams are significant too because you know vision and dreams are both ways to receive revelation. Then she started to tell us that she had this dream with this grand tree that had a fruit on it, fruit that she had never seen before and everything was this bright white.... Sound familiar? The dream of Lehi! My companion and I started to share glances as she started to explain more of this dream. Then she asked us what it means! I was like, ¨Well lots of times our God uses various ways to help us recognize the truth...¨ to end the lesson we assigned her to read about the dream of Lehi and the following chapter that interprets that dream. I am bummed I won´t be here anymore to watch her progress. It is crazy because for the first 4 almost 5 weeks of this last change we just walked, and walked and walked, contacting all day. I remember being so tired sometimes at the end of the day that I could feel every muscle in my body when we would sit down to end the day in our pension. But this last 2 weeks we have been seeing miracles in the work here. I feel good, like all the diligence made a difference in the end :) It is crazy how many people have been put in our path to teach in these last 2 weeks, people that are prepared to hear our message.
I am glad you had such a good week quilting and such. It sounds fun and the food sounds amazing! And you colored Easter Eggs! That is one of my favorite things to do. Dang. haha Zach... mi amado hermano jaja... Estoy esperando su carta... I am waiting for your letter man! haha I know you miss me :)
Hey I got mail again... thank you Kellie for you letter! I was so excited to read it. Our zone leader told me I got a letter from a ¨Kelly¨so when we arrived at the church I took is backpack and searched though it to find your letters :) He was like ¨Hermana my backpack is private, why do you think it is okay for you to go through it?¨ I told him that since we were friends it was okay. He is from Peru and we are always making jokes lol Anyway my point is I was very excited :) Thank you! And Ramona I got your package too! Thank you for the purse. All of the Hermanas loved them and thought they were super cute :)

Thank you Mom for sending another package. I am really looking forward to it. For the thing for the dogs and for the fleas. They still love me. lol
Thank you for everything,
Hermana Lichty

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