Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4

Can you believe it is April already! It is crazy to me but good at the same time. We have been working like mad this week. It is awesome I really like it but at the same time it wears me out. lol So we are really excited because today after we get done at the store we have a couple of hours of free time to just sleep or whatever. Yay! We have been talking to everyone in the streets and ¨knocking¨ doors like crazy. One really good thing about my companion is she likes to work so we just go and go and go. Usually in order to make it back to the pension at the right time we run! In skirts and heavy backpacks we run until she needs to stop for a break. lol
Spanish is starting to get fun because I know enough to tease all the Spanish Elders, which is the majority of our Zone. It is so easy to get them all flustered.. all I have to do is mention the name of different girls in their wards and their companions start laughing. It is great. lol I still have a lot to learn but it is coming along well. The lessons are going well too. I am adjusting to taking more of the lead on most things because my companion is so shy and quiet. But one good think I have noticed from all the Latins is they all have a really good sense of humor.
Oh this week we got mail again which was awesome.. I got a packet from Aunt Ora and her whole family! It was so great to hear from them all. It made my day! They were all so positive and encouraging and I loved it! Thank you thank you! I am going to have to find some time to write them all back because all of their letters were great :) And I got a letter from Ben that was awesome.. he told me he received the Melchizedek priesthood just recently.. how awesome is that? So thank you all for the letters ;)  And Kellie I am really excited to hear from you!
Oh yes the Conference in English was great. I watched it with 4 other Elders in a small room in the back of the stake center. It was nice because the Elders are a little more relaxed then Hermanas are so I got a little break. Because I wouldn´t consider myself the most ¨church¨ person in the world and that is probably why I have a hard time with my companion sometimes. lol But I learned something very good from this conference. Because I have been worried so much about the lessons and saying everything right and not forgetting something. I learned that it is more important for the people to feel the Spirit that we have and to help them to understand the love that the Savior and God have for them. So I am feeling a lot better about that. :)
And about those recipes that you are trying out... Mom I miss the food in America! We need to start a list of foods to eat the week that I get back. lol I have made the peanut butter cookies her 2 times for the Elders in our zone and they loved them. But that is the only taste of the US I have had. Bummer :)
Yeah this week we had a little more luck but still a lot of walking. It is okay with me though, I really don´t mind walking.
The class by Brother Smathers sounds like it was good. One thing that they have said a lot to us as missionaries is that the Spirit is the teacher in this work and the Spirit knows all the people better then we do. So it is super important we follow all of those promptings no matter how small they may be.
Tell Zach to write me or something. What does he do all day? lol
The stuff you learned about reprimanding a child reminds me of the talk in the last session of conference Sunday that started out ¨To be or to do... what manner of men ought you be?¨ That was a really good talk. I liked it a lot. It was so funny to be in the room with Elders for some of those talks because when they started talking about women or marriage they would start talking or give each other looks.. so i would happily remind them to take notes for their future wives. haha
How are things going for you and Dad at work? Did Dad find anything out about the other position? Are you pretty busy? How is Stephanie doing? Is she planning on moving back to Casper?
Yea, taxes don´t sound very fun. I wouldn´t be very motivated either. lol How is everyone else doing in the family? Have you heard any new news?
I learned how to make Arepas, it is something that Colombians eat all of the time. They are pretty good. We have been doing a lot of service projects recently. Last Friday we planted flowers at a school.. that was fun since I am not the gardening type. lol But all the students wanted to talk to me because I am a gringa. :) Oh and as for the fleas your right I just need to not count them and it will be alright. I think they are just going to be my grand trial during my mission. I am still using the oils in my lotion and I really think that helps a little bit.
Thank you for sending me another package.. I am looking forward to receiving it. Thank you for everything Mom :) And I am sending some pictures now..
Hermana Lichty  :)

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