Monday, April 18, 2011

The Pulgas are at it again.

Ahh los pulgas! They really like to bite me. I still haven´t figured out why but this week I have been getting a lot of bites again and they are the big ones that are like welts. No Bueno! But it is okay, usually I don´t notice it too much during the day, just at night or when we are sitting still. :)
We had a zone activity this morning so that is why we are at the Internet so late. I am going to miss this zone when we have the changes. We find out about the changes this Saturday.. I am not going to lie, I am ready for this change. I have been trying really really hard to work on this companionship but I am getting tired. But 1 week left, I can handle 1 more week. I just need to muster all the patience that I have left. :)  We have a lot of activities going on this week which is really good since this is the semana santo. I guess that most people are pretty busy celebrating this week because all the members have been asking us what are plans are and if we have lunch's for all the days. We have a district activity, a primary activity, and ward talent show( which our whole zona has planned a dance to.. it is SO funny)
That is great Zach is doing so good.. it sounds like he has become really handy. So school ends next month.. what are his plans? As for Stephanie, yes she needs to write me. I haven´t heard from her since I left! But that is good that she is doing okay. Is she planning on moving back to Casper or anything like that?
I am trying to think of things that happened this last week.. Oh we have this new investigator that is deaf (But for the most part she can read lips)-- We taught her the first lesson in the chapel and it was crazy! We contacted her and she ask to meet us at the church because the people in her house didn´t like us. So we said of course! But it was super hard to understand her because deaf people try to talk but for the most part you only hear sounds and bits of words. But she is wonderful. I have never met anyone in my life that as more of a desire to learn about our message. I wish you could have seen the look on her face when we gave her the book of morman, it was like pure joy. I was sharing the part of the first lesson about Jose Smith and when I got to the first vision I felt impressed to let her read it so she could understand more easily. Then I began to bear my testimony on it and the spirit was so strong. I had to pause a couple of time to keep back the tears and my companion just started to cry. It was a really special lesson and the investigator is amazing. We are very excited to teach her again and are looking for ways to communicate better with her.
Oh also another crazy/sad thing that happened this week is we found out one of our investigator families daughter is pregnant. That was an interesting lesson. The mom starts off telling us about this and how upset she is for like 10 minutes while the girl is sitting there looking at us. Then they both stop and look at us for advice and answers and then my companion turns and looks at me too! My mind was completely blank.. what do you say in a situation like that? Part of me was like , why in the world is my companion looking at me, Spanish is her language and she has over a year in the mission. But then I remembered a scripture about just opening you mouth and having faith that words would be given to me. So that is what I did and it actually wasn´t too bad, I don´t remember a whole lot about what I said but I know we had the Spirit and that is all that was important.
Thank you for the pictures of the dogs with Zach and Dad, that was fun. :) And thank you for the update on everything. I am glad everyone is enjoying my experinces. I am for sure learning a lot about myself and others. I will try and get a picture of the outside of my pension for you guys. :)

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