Monday, May 30, 2011

I can eat an entire pizza in one sitting!

Can you believe that it is going to be June this week! It is crazy. We definatly had a week, I don´t even know what to share with you today. I think I am only going to choose one experience that really affected me. So we met the brother to one of the members of our ward. These members are really good and they always invite us over and want to do anything for us as missionarys. Anyway this brother was not a member and he had cancer really bad. We met him last Saturday night and talked to him a little but he was really tired and went to bed quickly. When I met him I just remembered thinking that he looked like death. That is the only way to describe it. It was stomach cancer and he was having problems eating,  he was so skinny. You could see every bone in his body. After we left I told my companion that he has one or two weeks left, but no more than that. This family had us come over every night last week to teach this Hermano but every time something came up with his health, but we always shared a scripture or a prayer with them. Last night we brought the Elders with us so they could give him and another Hermano in our ward a blessing of health. They shared with him about the atonement of Jesus Christ, how He suffered for all of our pains, afflictions, sicknesses, and trials so what we could live with God again. We sang ¨Nearer My God to Thee¨ and his sister and I just started crying. We left them with a prayer. We were returned to our pension, then we received a call to let us know that Hermano Juan died right after we left. Hermana Jacobo and I just cried. It is amazing how much love you can develop for a person in such a short period of time. And we just found our about five minutes ago, in the middle of this email that the other Hermano that we visited last night died too. It is almost unbelievable. It is crazy how much the people here look to us as a shining light, to give them words of hope and inspiration in times like these. Both the families have asked for us to give a special musical number in their funerals this week. It is times like this I feel like we are so blessed to know the plan that God has for us. I was so impressed by both of these families. They both could have reacted with anger but they both chose to praised God. They talked about the trust that they had in God and that they know God has a plan for all of us and He will support them in their afflictions. I think right know I am just more sad for the families because I was able to see a small part of the love they had for each of these people and I know they are going to miss them so bad. So that has been a big part of last week for us and this week too probably. But it is okay because we know there is something better after this life :)

The nutrition class went really really well. It was awesome how much everyone payed attention and they actually applied the stuff I taught. The last three houses that I have gone to where members of their families were present for the class have changed things for the better ;) They all have so much to say about the class and how much it has helped them. It is interesting to me because all of this knowledge I have about the food I always just figure everyone knows but when I start sharing it people learn a lot.  The youth were really responsive too, which was awesome. I have challenged them to not drink soda and to eat breakfast everyday. The soda thing it hard for them so I told them they could have two ¨free¨ sodas every week. They are funny :) But as missionaries yes, we are expected to eat everything... it is interesting sometimes. My stomach has stretched so much here. I could probably eat more then and entire pizza in one sitting now. That is not something I should be bragging about as a nutritionist but yeah........ I´m in Chile so its okay. haha
Are you guys doing anything fun for Memorial Day? Eating any good food? lol   Hey Mom could you send me the recipe for Brownies sometime today? Thank you! We are working on building the trust of the members of the ward so a family home evening with brownies is going to work... I hope :) Sorry I don´t have more time to write. We had a lot of interruptions today with our friends funeral stuff. Sorry I didn´t have a chance to respond to everything. Thank you for all the pictures and the emails. I love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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