Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Happy 4th of July!
Yes I got to the mail finally so I am pretty happy about that. ;) So nobody is running this year? That is a bummer... what about Kellie, did she run? It sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun this weekend and that a lot of people came. I am so jealous! Next year will have to be big too! You will have to take lots of pictures so I can see everyone and all of the activities.
This week has been crazy. It rained a lot on Wednesday and we were soaked! In our last lesson my entire skirt, shoes, and tights were soaked and I was so cold! My companion was soaked too. But then the next day was really nice.
This week we had lunch one day with this old lady that is always telling us how unhealthy everything is ( I always just shake my head and smile). Anyway she fixed us this ¨herbal water¨ and we were drinking it and my companion and I were talking about how good it was and we figured out it tasted like those fruity candy canes that you get at Christmas time.  So we are talking about it and talking about it and my companion asked the lady what it was exactly and so she brings the package in for us to look at. We both look at it and continue to talk and drink it until my companion picks it back up again to look at the back of it. Then she says ¨Uhhhh.... hermana, yo creo que esta es té real..¨ (sister, i think this is real tea). I looked at my companion and I just started laughing. Turns out is was flavored black tea that she was feeding is. Needless to say we didn´t drink anymore of it and my companion was a little traumatised. We tryed to explain to her that all of the teas are against the word of wisdom but she just keep telling is how healthy it was for you. Yeah it was interesting and a little funny. My companion was talking about it all day until............. she got bit by a dog. haha  It was a little dog and it only ripped her tights but it definitely freaked her out. And as usual I I just about died laughing because I knew she was okay. It was funny because we had this appointment right then and she was telling them about it and I just had the biggest smile on my face and I could help but laugh some more. The people were like ¨ Look at your companion she is just laughing.. que mala.¨  So funny!
We also had interchanges this week and I went to the interior for a day. It was so dang cold! So if I get changed there I am going to have to buy some more winter clothes or something. But I was with Hermana Ellsworth for the day and it was great. She is trying so hard to learn the language and it is so cute to listen to her try and talk. It was nice to learn from her though and to have more responsibility in the lessons. I feel pretty good about the language. I obviously still have a lot to learn but I don´t think I am doing half bad :)

You will have to ask Tyler and Lacey to talk to you in Spanish or to send me something in Spanish. That would be fun :)
We had one kid in our ward die this last week too, he was 19 and preparing for his mission. We actually knew him too. That was really really sad. They had the funeral yesterday and the entire ward was just so sad and crying. During testimony meeting the bishop was crying the whole time along with everyone else. They cancelled the last classes so everyone could prepare for. It is crazy how many funerals I have seen so far on my mission. That was number 5. But it was a  good chance to help share the plan of salvation, and offer service. They talked a lot about the plan of salvation at his funeral and how he was now on a mission in the spirit world. It was great and a lot of non members were there to hear.
Well that is the news of the week here. I am expecting a lot of pictures from this weekend and today from you guys ;) I heard that I have a couple packaged waiting in the office so we are heading there after this to get them. I am pretty excited ;)  Tell everyone that I said I hi and I am missing them! And I am missing the weather that you guys are having ;)
Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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