Monday, July 25, 2011

Villa Norte

Week one in Villa Norte....
So this last week has been so good. We started the week off with nothing! No appointments no investigators, nada. But it was an amazing week to say the least. Hermana Ellsworth and I love contacting and talking to people on the streets and our planners are FULL of appointments for this week. We are very excited to watch this area grow. It is kind of like our ¨baby¨ because we started out with absolutely nothing. We are working on the members too because they don´t have a whole lot of faith in this area.... yet :) And we found out that us being in this area is like a test to see if we can see/have progress. So we are working really hard because we don´t want them to close this area next change.
It really has been a week full of miracles. Between Hermana Ellsworth and I, we know Spanish but there is still a lot that we don´t know so it has been amazing to see how much the gift of tongues is real. We haven´t had any problems with the language. Also all of the ward members were telling us how everyone that lives in this area have lived here for a very long time and the work here is very hard because of that. BUT almost every single person that we have contacted is new in the area, all of them recently moved here. Its crazy how much we can see that the Lord is directing us. Even in the lessons that we have had with less actives and new people the scriptures that we have shared and the questions that we have been asking have really affected people for the better. Hermana Ellsworth and I have been so surprised and grateful for all the help that we have been receiving and the Spirit that is with us.
We have had a couple of funny things happen to us too. We were contacting this man and his wife and it turned out they were super into their religion and their children had served missions for it and everything. But none the less we really tried to share with them about the Book of Mormon. At the end this man was like ¨I am really grateful for you sisters because your are in the work of the Lord trying to help the people and I really want to say a prayer for you¨. So all of the sudden he starts praying in the middle of the street, but like super loud. Imagine the voice of a preacher, preaching to his congregation.. that is what it sounded like. Hermana Ellsworth and I were just like ¨what the heck¨ but we just kept our heads bowed until he was done. It is funny the people that you meet in the mission. We walked away and just started laugh. Hermana Ellsworth was so confused because she is still learning the language so she didn´t catch everything that he said. lol
It sounds like you had a really fun weekend and the reunion and everything. I am glad it all worked out and that you have pictures and everything from it. That is crazy that I have a relative that opened the mission in Chile. I will have to check out that article in the Ensign. Can you save it for me to read when I get back? I am glad everybody like the pictures that I sent last week. I don´t have any new ones from the last week. We have been kind if busy but next week we will have something.
It rained SO hard last night.. pouring! It was raining so hard that all four of us woke up because it was hitting the roof so hard. We were up from 4.45 until like 6 or 6.30. I looked outside and it was just like a river of water going down the calle. But we don't get snow here... just a lot of rain. But from what I have heard this month is the coldest of them all so it should start warming up next month. Yay... I am kind of a baby about the cold weather here. It really isn't that cold it just seems like it when you are walking outside all day in a skirt. :)
But anyway we are super excited for this area and I love my companion. She is great and we are really excited for this change :)
And yes mom I got that package so we are good! Thank you for the letter and the updates!
Have a great week,
Hermana Lichty

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