Monday, August 22, 2011

10 months down!

How are you guys doing today? This last week has been a bit rough because I got sick. I got some sort of a stomach virus that made my stomach hurt so bad! And then I got a fever and now I am just congested. It was a bit much so needless to say we stayed in the pension for a couple of days. I slept SO much for almost three days straight. I don´t think I have every slept that much continuously in all of my life. And it wasn´t like I was just sleeping because I didn´t have anything else to do. I was so tired. My poor companion was so bored just reading all day and trying to find things to keep her busy. But I am doing a lot better now. My stomach still isn´t 100% but it is getting there slowly. And I don´t have a fever anymore. :) But even though I was sick it was really hard to stay in and not work. I remember before thinking about how nice to would be to be sick for a day and just rest but it wasn´t like that at all. We have so many citas and investigators that it is really hard to not want to work. And they are all so wonderful and are progressing so we love working. Also my companion and I love to contact people and talking to them about the Book of Mormon. It is one of our favorite things to do. Saturday mornings are great because we try not to schedule appointments at that time so we can just talk and contact the people.
The ward here is doing great. The bishop pulled us into his office this Sunday to tell us that he asked the stake president to talk to President Gillespe about keeping us together and in this area another change. He said he is going to send and official email about it too. So we are excited about that because we are having such a wonderful time together. This is the last week of the change so we are working really hard and praying that we can stay together another change. So pray for us :) We had interviews with the President this last Friday and with his wife too. They are such great people. I told him how much I love Villa Norte and his reaction was funny. He was just like ¨Hermana, thank you for saying that! There is not such thing as bad areas or bad wards, it is the attitude that we come it with.¨ I think he is very happy with the work that we are doing here. I love telling all the leaders about our area and all the progress because they are all so surprised. lol
How are things going in Casper? How is 4th ward doing? Are there any new missionaries going out soon? How is your work going? Are you staying pretty busy? Did you know that I have over 10 months in the mission now? How crazy is that? It is going by so fast. I love it though because the more time that I am here the better my Spanish gets. I can say more and understand more. It´s great! It is nice to be able to catch all of the the little things everyone says. And I am excited because if I can understand the people in Chile then I can understand anyone. lol  But I love the people here. They are so lovely and so nice!
Have you heard anything from Bishop Geddes. I haven´t got anything from him and so I am wondering if he really wants me to be sending him updates every 4 or 5 months. Any Ideas? Its not really that big of a deal just a question.
Well I don´t have a whole lot more to say we are really excited to work this week and we are praying for warmer weather. :) Have a great week
Hermana Lichty

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