Monday, August 29, 2011

August in Villa Norte

Last Day of the Change....
I have GREAT news! President Gillespe left Villa Norte open AND Hermana Ellsworth and I are companions again! We are very very excited because in the last change we got everything set up for lots of success this change! We have so many investigators that have so much potential and we just know this change is going to be amazing. It is crazy to me because 6 weeks ago tomorrow I was just getting to this area and we had nothing. No investigators, no citas, nothing in our area book, not even blankets or chairs or study tables. But now we are so so busy and we know everyone in the ward and they all want to help and we have people that we are teaching and members that ask us for citas. Sometimes we don´t even have time for everyone so we are just squeezing citas in as we can. I love it and I would love to stay here for 6 months if I could. Thats my goal right now.
So much happened this week for us. We had interchanges with Hermanas in this mission and I was put with a new hermana from Panama. Her name is Hermana Tamayo and she was so fun and it was fun to kind of answer her questions and help her to try and feel comfortable in the mission. It has been raining so much here this last week. We got pretty wet but it was fun to use my boots again. lol Yesterday it rained and rained after church and all night so we were soaked. We went to a family home evening with some members and investigators and got a lecture about walking around all wet. So before it started she gave us some of her tights and shoes to wear. They just love us here and we love them. We are suppose to get some more rain at the beginning of this week and I am hoping that will be the end for awhile. We should be starting to move into summer.  Lets see... what else happened..
We had a zone actividad today for the end of the change to find out our changes and to have a little lunch. It was fun, we went to this lake that was like back in these woods and the Zone leaders hid our changes and we had to look for them. Hermana Ellsworth and I never actually found ours but it didn´t really matter because we knew there were no changes made to our companionship. haha But there was so much mud because of all the rain! So we are very dirty right now. It was funny because this morning Hermana Ellsworth got up an hour early on accident and didn´t know it until I got up (at the right time) and told her. She was so mad. lol SO we are going to go home so she can take a nap. lol It is funny because I have noticed during the night or early in the morning I always wake up speaking Spanish.. it is just like this sub conscious thing.. weird. lol
Anyway I am glad everything is going well and that dad and Zach have something to do. So that will be fun going to an institute class with Ramona. How is she doing. You should tell her to write me. I love getting her letters they are always so good. Did you get that package yet- Love you!
Hermana Lichty

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