Monday, August 15, 2011

Como estas?

¿Como estas?
We are doing so good here! We had an unbelievable amount of success this week. We had a conference all day Thursday and a couple of days we had to go home early for different reasons and we still had tons of appointments!  Everyone has been blown away with the amount of success we are having. We went to talk to the bishop last night and we were telling him about some of our lessons, and things we have been doing and he just sat back in his chair and said... I can´t believe it, you guys are working miracles here. But really I think the success has to do with the members here and the faith that we have that God has people here prepared to receive us. Heavenly Father had literally been putting people in our paths on the street to talk to. It is AAmazing! Our planners are just packed with citas.
It sounds like you guys had a really busy and fun week! You will have to say hi to everyone for me and tell them I am doing just great! So the weather is starting to cool down in Wyoming? The weather here is warming up little by little. It is a little hard to know what to wear because a lot of the times it is hot during the day but when the sun goes down it starts getting cold! But I am sure that is going to end and it is just going to be hot at the end of this month! Yay I am ready for warmer weather. It is easier to find people when it is nice outside :)
The Honor Flight sounds really cool. Was it something that you signed up for? I bet Grandpa is excited to go with you! How many days is it? Did Zach take pictures of us truck so I can see it. I bet that is a really fun project for them. How is Zach's work going? How is he going to work when he starts school? Part-time at night or on the weekends? I am glad Stephanie is doing well and you guys could visit her. I got the letter from her. It was really nice of her to send it. I really enjoyed reading it. I need to find sometime to write her back. We have seriously been SO busy! I go to bed and wake up thinking about investigators and sometimes we skip exercises in the morning so we can prepare for lessons and fill out forms for them. It is so nice to be so busy. We have no time to waste and I love it! We are just busy busy busy!
Hermana Ellsworth is from Colorado Springs which has been fun because we have a lot in common. It has been funny because I lot of people ask us if we are sisters. lol It is crazy how blonde our hair is getting and we stick out so much. haha We had some pretty crazy contacts this week.
We contacted this lady that I am pretty sure had some sort of metal problem. We stated teaching her in front of her house (sang a song, said a prayer) and she just keep saying really random things. She said a word that I didn´t know and so I was like, I am sorry but I don´t understand that word. Then she was like that is my name. I was like ohh okay.. so I start talking again and she just starts saying like random names. It was hard not to laugh. Then we had her read a part of the book of Mormon that explains what it is. Then I ask: so what is the book of Mormon? and she was like.... blah blah blah to clean my mouth. I was like what? Then my companion was like how? and she was like, like this. Then she starts to wipe her mouth with it. It was so weird. So we took the book back and I asked her why her mouth would be dirty and she said because everything green is dirty. It was such a strange contact. We walked away and just walked in silence for a little bit processing what just happened. Oh the people you meet!
 I am trying to think if we got anything interesting to eat this week... hmm I don´t think so. For the most part we get rice with chicken and mayonnaise or this spaghetti kind of thing. I don´t really know how to describe it but it is not like spaghetti they just use the same noodles. But it is not too bad. I think I am just use to the food here so nothing really phases me anymore. lol
Well I have to get going but thank you for the letter and updates Mom! Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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