Monday, August 8, 2011

Villa Norte Week 3

Hola familia!
How are things going- Things in Villa Norte are going SO well! We are seriously in shock with how blessed we have been. We are finding so many people to teach and to help and we are loving it! I am like 99% positive that the president is going to leave this area open after this change if we keep working. I just love how many connections we have been making with the ward, the investigators, and the people here. I use to hate the fact that we stick out so much with our blonde hair and accents but I am really starting to like it because people really notice us and want to hear what we have to share. People have been coming up and talking to us on the street. It is great and we have been getting new people to come to church EVERY Sunday and the ward has just been buzzing. I love it!
It sounds like a fun trip you guys are planing to go to Ft. Collins to pick up Zach's truck. Tell Zach to take some pictures so I can see it.
Yeah Sunday was really good! It is crazy  because in all my other changes Sundays were like the worst because everyone is sleeping or resting and we always just walked all day with little to no luck. But here Sundays are great because we have been visiting a lot of people that are wonderful on Sunday. Our most recent convert, that was baptized over 2 years ago lives in a rest home and on Sundays we go there and sing for everybody, teach a lesson, and just talk to them for a little while. We only spend about an hour there on Sundays but all the residents love it. They are so cute! Then we have a couple less actives and part member families that love love love us that we have been visiting on Sundays as well. They are always making us food and trying to give us things to eat at the pension. One of the couple that we have been working with came to church for the 2nd time in a row this change and the husband got up and bore his testimony. He talked about how grateful he is for us the missionaries because in two weeks we were able to do what he has been trying to do for 18 month, get his family to church. It was a great to be able to hear that, to know that we are making a difference in people lives. Now this same member, me, and my companion have talks this next Sunday in sacerment meeting. lol
They weather is getting better... still it is a little cold but for sure better. The mornings haven´t been so rough which is really nice. It rained yesterday a little bit but not too hard. I am pretty sure the worst of the worst weather I will face in Chile has past and for that I am very excited! It is funny you asked about the ice cream because I actually just finished eating some like 5 minutes ago, i love it! Yeah we still get ice cream for dessert but it is not the most common thing. The most common thing is fruit all cut up in a bowl with either yogurt or cream on top, it is pretty good, but ice cream will always and forever be my favorite.
I cant think of anything that I need right now but thank you! I will look forward to this ¨suprise¨ package. lol
Thank you for all of your prayers and for all you thoughts! I know that is a big part of the reason why we are having SO much success here in Villa Norte!
Thanks you for everything,
Hna Lichty

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