Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Week Mark

So being in a trio is a little complicated. but I am learning a lot more from it than I was expecting. I think that Heavenly Father put me into a trio because I was praying for patience. lol But I have good news because our new companion is Hermana Szuch. She was in the MTC with me and she is the most patient person that I know. SO that has been wonderful because when I start to lose it I just have to take a deep breath and when she talks it just calms me down. But it has been interesting having such a huge area to work in. We have been physically exhausted at the end of everyday because of the amount of walking we have to do. I wish we had a car or a bike or something. I feel like we lost so much time because the distances are so far. But we have a lot of really good investigators that are progressing so that is exciting. Also we are trying to do divisions everyday with the youth so that we can cover more area and see more people. And an interesting fact that I found out yesterday that I never really realized.... Our ward and area is the farthest away from the mission office and all the other areas in the mission. And our Zone is in an area called Las Compañias and our sector takes up half of las Compañias. So when everyone asks how our area is and we say huge they just shake their heads and agree. lol
The weather has been HOT! I am not sure why this week the temperature seems to have gone up but that has been a little tricky to work in. I am trying so hard not to burn but it seems almost impossible. But its okay I have only gotten one bad burn in the last couple of weeks. My tan lines are ridiculous. lol Good thing it will be a little chilly when I get back so I can hide them a little bit. :) And I have really good news I took the ¨bug bomb¨ this last week and my stomach is feeling a lot better and is not so swollen anymore.. I am parasite free ;)
Thank you for all the pictures this week, they are always fun to see. I am glad everything is going well. I hope you start to feel better. Being sick is never fun. SO do you all have the day off today? Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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