Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello from Belloto

Hello from...... Belloto 2 otra ves :)

That's right I am here again with the same compañera Hermana Amaya. That means same pension and everything. But there is a little twist, the other Hermanas in our pension are leaving! Triste :( They have to close their area today and hand it over to Elders. That means Hna Amaya and I will be the only Hermanas in the Zona starting tomorrow. Also that means we have the pension to ourselves which is going to be very weird and quite.. well for the most part. :)
I am so exctied for Ramona! Woot Woot! I loved the pictures, they are amazing. It is too bad I couldn´t have gone to it. But I actually got to attend a baptism that night too and I felt a very special feeling. I am sure that what how her baptism was too. I will try and to respond to her letter after I finish. If I don´t have time I will hand write her. Awesome Awesome ;) I really like the picture of you and Ramona, you should frame it or something.
Thank you for sending the package with everything. I am really looking forward to getting them. Something has to work with these pulgas. I had to call Hermana Gilespe again because I have been getting attracted again by the fleas. It is very frustrating. The hard part is sometimes when they bit I get huge welts that itch like crazy and that happen a lot this week. One day I had like 15 or 20 welts all over my stomach, back, and upper legs.. no bueno! But the last couple of days they have just been the normal bits that only swell a little bit, but itch like crazy. I am trying to endure this trial well so I have stopped counting the bits each day and I am getting use to the vinegar and eucalipase smell. It is so funny the things I have to try and protect myself from them. I have tree branchs from a Eucalipase tree in my bed, a flea coller, I spray Raid and TANAX, also baby power.. pretty much everything. lol It is okay though, it could be much worst right? ;)
And tell Dad that once my name tag comes off that nice gentle Tiffanie will go away if you plan a trip to the Zoo. Also I am sure he will be alive when I get home because God loves me and knows I need someone to carry my suitcases back to the house. Jk jk Tell him I pray for him every night and I am sure he will be alive and well when I get back. :)
Oh and that drink your friend was talking about- Mat- is here. I know exactly what it is. But we as missionaries are not allowed to drink it because it does get passed around to everyone in the house. We tried something that is similar to it in a tea bag but I really didn´t like it. lol I wonder why it is so popular here. We do drink a lot of Ecco though. It is like coffee but not, it does not have caffeine it is. It is not like decaf coffee though, it is something different, they roast a different bean to get it. It is really good though, I drink it every morning with my Cheerios. :)
As for the question about the donkeys and the lamas. They do have them here but not for the transportation. However I have seen them using horses to pull things around and to get to places, not very often though. I am sure it is different in every area though. From what I have seem so far we have kind of a poor area. We were looking for new investigators last week and we climbed this mountain. No joke it was a mountain we climbed it in the form of the hugest hill you have every seen in you life.. that never ends. Some times the hills are just so ridiculous I just shake my head and laugh. I just have to think to myself ¨You have ran a marathon before, you can do this´. It is funny because when we go up these hills in the heat of the day my companion and I don´t usually talk. We just focus on making it up. lol Anyway about this mountain we climbed... at the top there is this little village. If you were to try and imagine a really poor poor country that doesn´t have running water that is what it looked like. It was crazy. My companion and I were like ¨where are we?¨ We tried knocking doors but nobody would answer and any time you wanted to get to another house you had to walk farther up this mountain. It was good, we actually made a really good contact and handed out a Libro de Mormón.

I am really excited about this change! We have set some really good goals for our area and we have some investigators we will baptize. We just need to work like crazy these next 6 weeks and pray a lot. We have very high hopes and with God all things are possible. It is going to be great! We are planning on 5 baptisms this change. We have so many good investiagores and we had 5... yes 5 of them come to church with us Sunday. I felt like pure joy when that meeting started. We had to split up with members of the ward so we could go pick up our investigators. It was sweet because we worked so hard for them to come all week. Not only that but we had a bunch of inactive members come. We have been trying to focus on the new investigators and inactive members these last couple of weeks. The meeting started and my companion leaned over and said, ¨you never going to guess who is here¨´ and then she started to point out these members we have never seen at church but visited this week. It was good.
Oh and I have a good story for you: So we have this lady we have been teaching for the last 6 weeks. We visit her at least 2 times each week and I have never been able to understand her. It is weird because I try so hard to understand her every time we talk to her and she talks a lot. I never understand anything she says... nada. Anyway at the end of the week we were teaching her a lesson about the atonement and it was a long lesson-visit and we were there for about an hour and a half. My companion starts to tell her how much we love her and pray for her everyday and that we really want to help her.Then all of the sudden like ten minutes before we leave I start to understand her... like all of her words. This was a miracle! I was like whoa whoa whoa... what just happened. We ended the lesson and I start to talk to my companion and tell her what just happened. Hermana Amaya said she saw her whole face change in the last ten minutes of the lesson. It was so awesome, something in her heart changed. Now I can understand her... she is going to be a member this month I am praying for it :)
Anyway how are things at home besides the weather that I am jealous of? It is so dang hot here! How is everyone doing? Zach how is school and driving and the girls that just can´t resist you car? lol Dad how is work going? What do you do with your time since you and Zach are done with his car? Mom how is the business and the primary? I miss teaching primary. Stephanie you really need to get on the ball and write me. lol Tell me what is going on in you life por favor :)
Tell me what is going on with everything.I like hearing about everyone.
Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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