Monday, May 2, 2011

¡Hola from Agua Santa, Viña Oeste!

¡Hola from Agua Santa, Viña Oeste!
 How is everyone doing? Oh this keyboard is horrible! So this letter might be a bit short because I am having troubles typing. I love Viña and I love my companion. Hermana Jacobo is awesome, she is so chil about everything and we teach the same way. It is so nice to have someone that's like me in a lot of ways. AND guess what....Hermana Norton and Hermana Amaya are in our pension! It is sweet! It is so fun to live together because we all get along so well. We just have to be careful to not speak too much English in the pension because my companion doesn´t know it and we don´t want her to feel bad. It is funny though because the English of Hermana Norton and I is a little bit weird because we can´t always remember all the words in English so it is the Spanglish mix. lol Or we will start talking in English but if my companion walks in the same room as us we will just switch to Spanish. It is great though this new area because I can pretty much understand everything and for the most part I can express all of my thoughts in Spanish... por fin! lol It is like a fresh start in a new area where I can communicate ;) Yay
We had this lesson this week with a man that was very confused. He is one of those people that has studied a lot about the bible and has a ton of complicated and hard questions. BUT it was a miracle because not only did I understand all of us question but I knew all of the answers at the same time he was asking the questions. This is crazy because I wouldn´t really consider myself that knowledgeable in the bible and those types of questions. I was amazed that I knew the answers and when I responded he didn´t have anything to argue. It is like that scripture that talks about you won´t be confused before men and where ever you go there will I be also. It was so awesome and helped me to have more faith in everything about this mission. And we have a baptism this month.. next week! yay!
I am SO excited that Brother Smathers is our new stake president! I was bummed at first to hear that President Hopkins was being released but Brother Smathers is so great! Oh yay that makes me happy!
You will have to tell Grandma Norma hello and that I love her. And for Christmas next year she will have to come stay at our house so we can talk ;) How is Grandma and Grandpa Nicholls doing? Next Thanksgiving for them, with lots of food ;) Oh how I miss the food. lol
Oh by the way..... did I mention hills in my last area?.... because I was totally joking! We have no flat areas here, it is all uphill.Up a mountain and twenty million stairs! It is crazy. It takes us like 30-45 mins to walk to some appointments because it is all uphill. But the views are amazing! I need to get some pictures for you but it is crazy! I am amazed that I am not sore though. That is truly a blessing because I am really not exaggerating about these hills and mountains. And I can even outlast my companion going up the stairs and is fun....sometimes ;)
And Sunday is Mother´s Day! I will be calling to schedule start thinking of questions you have and write them down so we don´t forget anything and I will do the same ;) I love you all and I am excited to hear from you all.. Dad you too!

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