Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Yes it was so good to be able to talk to you all on the phone yesterday! It sounds like you guys had a really good mothers day. And I was thinking about it afterwords and I am pretty sure I forgot to tell you happy mothers day.. Oops ;) SO..........HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY MOM! Yeah my companion thought that was pretty funny when I told her I forgot.
So what is Stephanie up to? Does she like living in Fort Collins still? Who all is she living with? Just any kind I details about her life because I have no idea what is going on with her. Does she have my email?
When I said I was getting ¨pugey¨ what I meant was just a little bit extra.. not fat. haha I think it is most noticable in my face because really all of my clothes still fit the same ( just maybe a little extra around the waist) :) But it is not my fault. lol  For example this week we had lunch with a lady in the ward and she cooked so much food! It was ridiculous! The first plate was Quiche- I think that is how you spell it( with Spinage, eggs, cheese, and flour) but it was the biggest serving ever! Like almost the entire plate. Then the next plate had 3 hamburgers on it with a huge portion of mashed potatoes and tomatoes. Yeah I thought I was going to vomit during that. lol AND then she brought out dessert which was a bowl of flan with this coconut stuff on top. Oh my HECK it was huge and afterwords we had to climb all the way to the top of our mountain/area. The whole way up I just kept telling my companion ¨Yo quiero vomitar! Yo voy a vomitar....¨ but at the end it was alright. We were just very uncomfortable full for the rest of the day. lol Anyway that is why I have ¨a little bit extra¨.
Other than that everything is going good in our area.. we have a baptism this week on Thursday so we are really excited for that. And my Spanish is getting better everyday. I have a hard time sometimes with the conjugations but since my companion only speaks Spanish it is really easy for her to correct me :) It is crazy that we are already starting week 3 in this area! Oh my gosh the times is just flying by!
As for the picture of my other ¨getto¨ apartment (haha) I actually don´t... but Hna Nortan does so I will try and get them for you sometime soon :) So we have been contacting more lately and it has been great. We had three really good contacts this week that we were guided to. It was awesome to see how true it is that the Lord is preparing people for us. And it doesn´t matter if I say everything correct because if they are ready and receptive they will understand. It has been great! I wish you all could hear my Spanish! :)
Hmmm.... I don´t really have much else for today. But how is everything else at the house?  How is Ramona doing? So what all did the Counselor in my ward say when he called? That was so surprising to me. But this ward here is awesome :)
And that is awesome about you guys redoing the downstairs bathroom! That will be awesome when it is finished.
Oh and tell Dad that was not funny when he was talking about all of the food you guys have been eating... Ice cream, pizza, and wings! Horrible. I am suffering here... j/k
I love you all, thank you for everything!
Hermana Lichty

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