Monday, May 23, 2011

Washing My Clothes

Guess what I am learning to do......
This week I have started washing my clothes..... in a tub of water. Yeah we are having some problems with our mamita right now so I am washing my own clothes. It actually isn´t that bad. I don´t mind it at all, it just takes a little more time. Hermana Amaya and Hermana Norton have been laughing about it because they think it is funny to watch me scrub my clothes in the bathtub. I think it is only because they have a good mamita right now so they don´t have to worry about it. lol Oh goodness the things you learn in the mission. ;)
I am glad you liked the scarf. They really like scarfs here... I would have to say that almost everyone I ever see on the street is wearing a scarf, so you can find them all over. I will have to invest in a couple to bring home :) Also if you send me that package with the MP3 player make sure to send it in a box because all the envelopes (the big ones that are yellow) have been opened and gone though. Maybe try taping it inside a box within the box. Sorry it is so complicated to send stuff. But I am really excited to receive it :)
This week I am teaching a nutrition class to the ward(thanks to my companion... haha). Everyone in the ward has been asking me about it! It is crazy. The bishop and his counselor even pulled me aside yesterday so they could confirm what I would be teaching and what specific things they wanted me to touch on. Oh dear this will be interesting in Spanish! I have never met a Bishop that was so concerned about the weight of the youth in the ward. But I am sure it will be just fine. We are suppose to have interchanges that day but my companion is trying to change the days so she can come to the class too. lol
We have been walking like crazy this week working really hard to find people. We fasted this last weekend too so that we can see more success in the work here. I am amazed by how true the words of my setting apart blessing was. Remember it said that at night I would be physically and mentally tired,(that is SO true! I have never been so tried in my life) but at night the Holy Ghost would come over me and I would be refreshed and ready to work each day. I am in awe every morning went I get up that my body is not sore and that I can last another day. It is truly a blessing. I wish you could come walk my area for a day. It is nothing but hills and stairs. BUT the good thing is I am toned! lol
We had I conference this week that was really good. We watched a talk by Elder Holland that he gave to the MTC in January. It was amazing! He talked about using the doctrine of Christ to teach. I have been really working to apply it and I have been amazed. When I use scriptures where Christ is talking and teaching the message is always so clear. Every one of the people I have shared scriptures with during lessons and during conversation have understood perfectly. It is great. I love being about to teach boldly with that :)
That is awesome Zach is taking some summer school classes :) Is he liking school better now? What are his other plans for the summer? Do you have the email address of Stephanie? I will send her a quick note next week if you do. :) How is everyone else in the family doing? How is Dad? I really liked those pictures of him and Zach with their cars. What are they going to do with the pictures? Mom did you take those pictures for them?
How are you doing Mom? How is your work going? It sounds like you are having more time to quilt ;) You will have to send me some pictures of them when you finish. Do you guys have any plans for this summer?
Thank you for everything,
Hermana Lichty

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