Monday, May 16, 2011

Vina del Mar in May

Pictures from the Coast!
Today we stoped by the coast on our way here to take a couple of pictures :) 
Thank you for the update about your ¨talk¨ on Sunday. I loved reading about it, everything you shared and everyone you talked to! I am not sure what this Dolce de Membrio is but I will ask around as see if anyone else knows about it.  But as for Belloto.... yes it is an oven, I just don´t think my letters reflected that much because I was so caught up talking about the fleas. :) But it was really hot because I was there for all the summer months, and the more I hear about all the other areas Belloto is one of the hottest (that is why they have SO many fleas there, because the fleas like the hot weather). Anyway I think that just means my next summer here is going to be a lot more pleasant as far as the heat goes. ;) Yay I am glad everyone is doing well in the ward, but I am sad to hear about Sister Bertagnole. I remember her because she was a teacher in the primary too and her son Dallon was in my class. :(
Things here have been good. We have been walking and ¨knocking doors¨ like crazy trying to find people to teach. It is hard because I just want people to give us a chance, and listen, but we are having little luck right now. But when we do teach I love it because I know the language and I know the scriptures now and everything seems to just go so smoothly. We had a baptism scheduled for this last week but it has been postponed due to a couple of things, but we still have faith that it is possible this change. It is kind of crazy how much I am learning about everything here. Sometimes I feel like the senior companion when we are contacting and looking for people but it is good because I am being prepared. My companionship is still really good, my companion is very easy going about everything so that makes things much easier.
I was sick this past week to the point that I stayed home one day because I felt so bad. But I am doing a lot better and I only have a little cough today. We met this lady that is 93 and started teaching her the plan of salvation. It was fun to talk to her because she has so much energy and so much faith. It was great to see that after some hard days of not a lot of luck there are some really good people here that do want to hear our message.
As for the pictures from Dad they are great. I think you guys should print them out and frame them :) The colors of the cars are great. :) And tell him not to worry cause when I get back I can put him on a diet. Hna Jacobo had me put her on a diet this week. lol I think it is funny that everyone single Hermana I know here, that knows my major, has asked me for one. haha Also at the end of the month my ward asked me to give a nutrition class. That should be interesting.
In other news we had a stake conference this weekend and it was crazy! We had divisions with the other Hermanas to bring investigators to church. I went with Hna Norton and we brought one of their investigators. He left suddenly in the middle of the meeting and then like 5 minutes later a member from my ward came up to us and told us our investigator what having problems outside. We went outside and he was having a heart attack! It was nuts and the ambulance came and everything. Also a member from my ward passed out on the way out of the sacrament hall during a testimony and the very beginning. Crazy crazy.
But anyway.. I got to get going!
I love you all, thank you for the letter and the update Mom,
Hna Lichty

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