Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I have really good news! I get to keep my companion for another change! I am really excited because she is a great companion and very patient with me. The sad news is Hna Norton is leaving for the interior.. So I wont see her again until we leave. But Hermana Cárcamo and I have a lot of things we would like to accomplish in this new changes so we are very excited.
The new years was really good! It was completely different from last years experience. Here they have this tradition to make scarecrow like people, like they stuff clothes with burnable materials and then make heads for them and then stick them in posts in the ground. Then a little before midnight they burn them. It was fun to walk around and look at all of the stuffed people. Right in front of our house the neighbors made a stuffed family with a mom and dad and two little kids. So we got to watch them burn. lol
We had a special dinner that night with a family that is in a different ward. But it was fun and they gave us a lot of food! I am not use to eating meals at night so it was a little much, but it was really nice of them. We had a baptism Friday before the New Years eve activity in our ward so that was nice. It was a little girl that we found at the beginning of the change who´s family is struggling a little to stay active. But I think she will really be able to help them. Her name is Juliana.
As far as mail goes, I know that I have a package in Viña but I won´t get it until next Wednesday. Because we are really far away from everything even if our mail gets to the office we still have to wait weeks until someone goes down there or someone comes up. But I am very excited for the shoes. The ones that I am wearing are getting a holes in the bottom. :)
I am glad you guys had a good Christmas and new years. It is still weird for me to see pictures of Zach and his girlfriend. As far as Steph and her dreadlocks boy go... that should be interesting. Is she thinking of moving down there with him?
It is starting to get even warmer here which has brought the fleas back... SO SAD! For some reason they are leaving welts the size of quarters were they bit me! I am trying really hard to pretend that they are not there and that they don't itch. But it will be okay, no worries :)
Well everything else here is going good. I am really enjoying my area and the people here in the ward. Oscar the pastor is doing great and has started to teach the people in his church about the need for a Restoration. Little by little :)
Con Amor,
Hermana Lichty

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