Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 24

How was your trip? It sounds like you guys had a really good time and had lots of things to do. Did you come home to snow and cold weather? How is winter going there?
Things here are going great. Oscar was baptized on Sunday afternoon and it was amazing! He has such a testimony of the gospel even though we found him and started teaching him less then 9 weeks ago. It really helps me to see what a power there is in this work that we do. Oscar was prepared to receive the gospel long before we knocked on his door. All we did was connect the dots to all the knowledge that he already knew. In the meeting that he went to last weekend they made him get up in front of every pastor in Chile and explain why he was renouncing.... and he did it! Also we had a lesson with him and our zone leader to talk about how we can help him start sharing the gospel with all of his people. Unfortunately his church and all of the members live in the Elders area so we won’t be teaching them but its okay. :) The important thing is that they get the chance to hear about the gospel. Whether it is us or the Elders it really doesn’t matter.
We had the conference and interviews this week which were good. I learned a lot about the atonement and the creation. It is crazy how fast the time flys, it seems like just last week we had the Christmas conference. Oh and I got your package of candy! Thank you! That was really fun to get. My companion loves the almond brittle that you made. And I just like candy so everything was good for me. :) The weather here continues to get hotter and I actually got a little burned yesterday. But it’s not too bad, I actually like the heat more then the cold. The pulgas have taken a little break with is nice. It might have something to do with the flea collar at the foot of my bed... but who knows?? lol The lotion seems to help too. :)
Other than that everything is going good. We have a lot of things to do here which is nice and I am still SO grateful to live in my area.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Hermana Lichty

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