Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 16

Well that cruise sounds like it will be a lot of fun.. how did you convince dad to go? I thought he didn't like them because he gets motion sick. But that is sweet, you will have to take a lot of pictures! I am sure that will be nice to get out of the cold weather for a little bit. :)
Everything here is going well. We are waiting on news from our Pastor. We are SOO nervous because this whole weekend he has been in Santiago because...... he is renouncing his title and pastor and all his leadership in the church so that he can be baptized this coming weekend. My companion and I have been praying a lot for him because we know that people are going to say a lot of really mean and negative things to him. Also because so many good things are going to come from his conversion. We are getting ready to start teaching his congregation. This week we hope to make plans to start going from house to house with him :) SOO please keep all of that in your prayer this week.
This week we have another mission conference which should be good. I always look forward to them. We have also been having luck finding people to teach which has been great. It is crazy how fast this change is already going by! By the end of this week we will be at the half way point. My companion is doing really good at practice and learning English which has been fun. So cracks me up because she is always saying the most random things. She read a lot of things in English and studied for years before the mission so its funny to listen to her put things together. She is the only companion that I have had that has really tempted to learn learning English. Sometimes it is frustrating though because I have had a time remembering how to say certain things in English and when she asks question my mind is just blanks out. But it’s okay :)
And yes I got the shoes this last Tuesday. They are good but give me blisters and I have a horrible tan line on my feet from my other shoes. So I am embarrassed to wear them because my tan line is SO ugly. One day I will take a picture and send it to you. lol But I have been using the soles of the new ones in my old ones and that works really well too. SO thank you!
I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your cruise!
Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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