Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 9 2012

My week was good. Yes I am still enjoying the weather here although there are a couple of hours in the afternoon that are really hot. My tan lines get darker by the day. lol I think the ones on my feet and legs are the darkest and most ridiculous. It will be kind of embarrassing to come home and wear sandals and shorts. I think the biggest trial for me this week has been the pulgas, all of the sudden they started to bit me a lot! So I went and bought another flea coller for my bed and I am back to wearing a lot of lotion to try and prevent them. I was really glad I still had allergy pills because there were a few night that my feet and legs itched so bad from all the bits that I couldn´t sleep. But the allergy medicine really knocks me out so it was okay. lol Also our house has been getting attacked by ants! I don´t know if I told you about that before or not. But we have been having to use a lot of sprays to keep them under control. I have never seen so many ants in such a concentrated space. Today we woke up and there was a line of ants that went from a little crack in our bedroom, up the stairs, into our study room, and all the way around the boarder of the wall. There were hundreds and hundreds, it was kinda gross. But we sprayed them all and the crack so a least we have one less place for them to enter.
We found a family yesterday that we started to teach. They are so nice and they really listened and responded well. I was really excited because I feel like my companion and I teach really well together and she has really helped me to improve my Spanish. We are still teaching Oscar and he is going to a conference this coming weekend. He said he wants to renounce his title and power in the Church so we are praying for him. It is not an easy thing to do. We also presented him a lesson about the need for a Restoration only using the bible. He said he is going to teach it to his church this Wednesday. :)
So what is a fuzz buster? I really have no idea what it is. lol So Adam has a girlfriend too? That is so weird to me! When I left all they did was work on Zach´s car and watch TV. It sounds like Steph had fun in New Orleans. What kind of plans does she have with this boy though? He seems to live awfully far away.
No packages yet... but I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow.We have our zone meeting in the morning so it is very possible that I will get it then. The Zone leaders went to Viña last Friday for a leaders conference. Thank you for sending that oil, I am excited for it to get here so I can try it out. :)
But we have been staying busy this week and finding new people to teach which has been wonderful.
Are you staying busy at your office? How is Dad doing at his Job?
Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

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  1. Hello,
    I just happened across this blog and was so excited because I have been called to serve in Vina del Mar, Chile, leaving March 7.
    I was wondering if I could contact whoever does this blog (I'm assuming Hermana Lichty's mother) to ask some questions?

    My email is

    If you could contact me it would be greatly appreciated!

    Natalie Sargent