Monday, January 3, 2011

Chile 01/03/11

Hey Mom,
Yes 2 weeks in Chile now... it is crazy! I am starting to catch more of what people are saying but it is still crazy hard to pick up on anything. I know I am learning a lot though because for the most part I can understand my companion when she speaks in Spanish to me. For the last week it as been pretty much Spanish all the time. It is so hard.. there is SO much I do not know. Yeah the fruit cake is very different and no nuts, so you wouldn´t like it either. lol
Oh my heck I am being eaten alive, no joke! I counted the number of bits I have gotten these last 4 day and it is around 180-200. They itch so bad and it looks like I have the chicken pox because the bits all puff and get red like the chicken pox. It is the worst! There are almost 100 on my legs alone and the rest are on my arms, stomach and back. We put this TANX stuff all over our mattress´s today and on the floor and we are going to the store after this to buy some more stuff. I need anti itch cream to help with the bits and some allergie pills to help also. I am also going to try the Deet repellent we bought. Something has got to help! So yes if you here of anything just send it.. I am desperate and anything you send will take 1-2 months to get here anyway.
Yea I am pretty sure you don´t want to send food. They have a lot of restrictions here about that especially when we were getting off the plane. So just to be safe I would say no.
It sounds like it is getting really cold there... I actually don´t miss that. lol Poor little Josie :) It is good that Zach is a good driver though. It is just hot here all the time. I am getting pretty tan and all the freckles on my face are showing up. It is kind of a funny combo of flea bits and suntan lines. lol  I hope that Grandma´s back starts to feel better!
So the address here
 4 NORTE 1112, Viña del Mar, Chile 
I think all of that info is in my mission call packet and it had phone numbers and such as well. I send the packet home in one of the box's.
Mail here is the worst and I am pretty sure that anyone I write it will take about 2-3 weeks to get there and then another 3-4 weeks for me to get it. So I am going to try and get permission to write a couple of people through email once a week.
Oh could you send me a link to my blog :) It would be fun to look at every now and then :)

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