Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 4 Chile to the Zoo!

Haha.... Hello!

As for the Zoo.... I had to go with my companion, I don´t really have a choice on those kinds of things. lol  No the Zoo was alright, I am not going to say amazing because lets face it, I am not really a Zoo person. lol But it was fun to hang out and do something different as a Zone :)
I am glad everyone is enjoying my letters. So for the pouch mail I am still not sure. I know that you can send things from DearElder. You just need to know my name and Mission I think. I got the DearElders that you send before Christmas the other day. lol But that is all I have received. Make sure that you only send the mail to the mission office. We usually get mail every months or so from there. It was this:
Hermana Tiffanie Lichty
Mision Chile Viña del Mar
4 Norte 1112
Viña Del Mar, Chile
Yeah the bits are getting better but I am still getting them. I have tried everything I have been given and Hermana Gilespe gave me some Eucalyptus spray stuff and other pills and creme. They want me to be the Guinea pig for it all because I get the most bits out of all the missionaries here. Just my luck. lol It is just one of my trials here I think.
As for the Empenadas they put a lot of things in it. But usually you will find cheese ones, bean ones, and meat ones. The place I was in in that picture was Lider.. it is Chile´s Wal-mart. lol And yes when you talk about food it makes me hungry because none of the food here is the same. lol Totally different here. But it is okay. Oh and the soda here is kinda the same.. the only things they have though are like fanta and coca cola but as a mission rule we cant drink the coke-. oh and most of the pop is in the glass bottles.
And yes I am getting really good at lighting the gas heater and stove because I am always first to take a shower in the mornings. lol
Anyway how is the snow going for you all? Right now I am in a small Internet cafe and sweating everywhere! It is gross! It is SO hot here....especially since we are walking everywhere! Oh my heck I have never drank so much water! Its good though. I don´t even care if it is cold or anything. Usually it is warm. lol
We have been contacting a lot lately because our appointments have been falling though. It is so frustrating. I think it is because it is summer here and people are sleeping or gone and feel like they have more important things to do. It is sad to me. I am praying all the time that someone will let us teach because we are just so hot walking and walking and walking. But we finally found an amazing family to teach in the middle of nowhere. It was kinda crazy because part of our area goes off to this area with nothing but trees and dirt and some homes people have tried to build. We found this family back there that had nothing. Like the walls of there house are sheets and a couple pieces of wood. Very humbling but great people.  They were so interested in our message and we are going to go back with our zone to help them clean up the leaves and such around their house. I am so excited :)

I will explain the bridge picture when I come back to the states. lol
And yes... I finally broke down and bought a flea collar because I hate the fleas that much. lol
We have changes these next two days because all the trainers and senior companions have a big conference to attend, that should be interesting. lol One day I am comp´s with Hermana Boud who has been here 4 weeks longer than me so our communication skills should make things fun. lol  The next day I am with and Hermana that is from Chile and speaks no English.. at all. Oh dear. Wish me luck these next two days. My Spanish is coming along but it is not that good. I understand almost everything that happens in the lessons and I can teach a lot of things in Spanish but trying to have a normal conversation is still hard. They speak so dang fast. Even my companion who´s first language is Spanish couldn´t understand them her first couple of weeks. We also had a lady we are teaching from Bolivia say the same thing.... she couldn´t understand anything they were saying at first. DEAR! lol I am just praying a lot but everyone has been telling me how good my Spanish is getting and that I am progressing really fast. It is just frustrating because I want to understand and communicate everything like I speak and understand English. My mind is just constantly thinking Spanish Spanish Spanish. But it will come I know I just need to work on the patience.
We are starting to teach an English class every Thursday evening. Random people have been stopping us to ask about it. We are praying for the best it would be such a great way to teach and spread the gospel. People here really like English.
I think being such a gringo crazy things just follow me and my companion. It is kind of funny though. This week people have been crazy. They always blow me kisses and try and greet me in English.. I respond in Spanish. lol  Unless they are getting on my nerves, then I respond in English and they go away :)   oh the crazy places we go in life.
What is new in the world? I feel so cut off from everything... anyone else getting married? lol Did you hear back about dad´s job? And Stephanie where is this letter you were going to write me? lol I am waiting to respond to it¨:)
Oh and I finally got to another place to send letters. I don´t know if I told you but we don´t have a mail place in Belloto. We have to travel to the nearest city for that. It is so different.
We had that mission conference and Hna Gilespe made cookies and all the gringos were going crazy because it was something familiar. lol Oh all the little things that make you happy.
I was wondering if you send something you could include TUMS and Benidrill... pretty sure I spelled that wrong. But you know allergy pills that put me to sleep (for the stupid pulgas... oh sorry that was spanish, fleas :) Thank you thank you
Love you all,
Hermana Lichty

Most of these are from the Zoo... when I am in the pink shirt... these were taken today :)
The other is when we were lost looking for a contact that ended up being that sweet family I was telling you about!
 Oh and yeah for Ramona! I really want to see a picture or two! I am excited for her. Woot Woot!

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