Monday, January 3, 2011

other half of her letter recieved in the afternoon!

So how are things going with everything else? How was your guy´s New Year? Did you do anything special? Oh and Happy Anniversary! Woot Woot :)
 New Years here is intense! They party it up all night! It is such a huge deal and they light fire works, have huge dinner parties, and listen to their music really loud. It was hard because nobody wanted to plan appointment with us and nobody stayed at home. So we have been walking and walking and walking! We went to the stake presidents house for New Years Eve and they were fixing all this stuff to eat. They gave us Choripanes which are like mini hot dog things only found in Chile. But the hot dog is kind of like this sausage thing. And they put it in a bun with mayonnaise on top of it. It was actually really good. I am attaching picture of that. :) 
Anyway they stay up all night and then don´t really get up for the next two days. lol That was really difficult for us these last two days because we were trying to work and talk to all of our contacts and investigators and nobody was at home or would answer the door.. hence all the walking.
Oh so I have a funny story for you. We visit this family that just joined the church in October. They have 4 boys between the ages of 15-8. We were with them eating ´´once´´ meaning 11 in Spanish but in Chile it means like a late snack comparable to dinner around 9 or 930 at night. Anyway that is what we were doing and one of the boys about 11 years old was trying to cook something on the stove. He was trying to light the stove because all the stoves here are gas and he burnt is finger. He started jumping up and down so I was watching him and then he yelled ¨Sh··¨´. My eyes got really big because I was thinking... did he really just say what I think he did. He looked at me and realized I could understand the word he just said and he freaked out. lol  His eyes got huge and he put is finger up to is mouth to shush me and starting saying ´sorry... sorry... sorry Hermana Lichty por la palabra¨  Oh my heck I was laughing so hard I almost died! lol And nobody but us two could understand what just happened. It was great. Funniest thing that happened all week!
Oh so we do have a Momita that does our laundry for us. It is really nice .) She hang drys everything because they do not have dryers anywhere in Chile and then she irons it ALL! It is great. And we only pay her like $20 for the whole transfer which is 6 weeks.
Oh yes.. so the pictures... In the pension I an sprinkling salt on out beds to try and prevent the fleas from eating me.. It did not work. When we were cooking and eating the Choripanes and the stake presidents house.
Anyway I hope all is well in Casper. It is weird the things you miss when you are in a place where everything is completely foreign. lol
I love you all and you can all write me though email if you would like :)  I get 1 hour and 30 mins on the computer on Mondays at this time.
Love Hermama Lichty

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