Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 5 Chile

I am doing very well :) And guess what..... I FINALLY got the package you sent in November. I received it on Friday afternoon. It was so sad because they stole the M&M´s out of it :( I was kind of upset about that because I saw the packing list of what all was in there and when I realized what had happened I was like dangit! It was so obvious they took it out too because they taped it back up with tape that had the Chilean Mail logo on it. Lame! So when you do send a package don´t use those little mailer things because it is very easy for them to steal things out of them. I heard from other Hermanas if you tape the crap out of the box they won´t mess with it because it is too much work, or put picture of Mary on it. lol Oh dear... the things that happen on a mission.
But thank you for the ¨Christmas¨ package. I loved the Wyoming shirt, I am wearing it right now :) It fits perfect! I find it funny that all the shirts you have picked for me have worked so well and everyone loves them. lol Remember that purple shirt that you sent that I was telling you about before? The one that everyone loved at the MTC? Well they all love it here too. lol I wore it yesterday and people were talking about it. But anyway thank you for everything thing. It was a great day to receive that package.
It sounds like you have long Sundays just like me! But I am probably a lot more use to them them you are. lol I actually don´t mind it because that means we are inside out of the sun and heat of the day.
We had changes twice this week because all the the senior companions and leaders had a two day training. It was crazy because they put me with Hna. Szuch the first day. I don´t know if you remember her from my MTC letters but she was there with me and Hna. Norton. That was an interesting day because we don´t know Spanish. lol Actually it was really good because I realized how much Spanish I do know. I was really surprised because Hna Zsuch took a Spanish class before the mission and her companion don´t speak English yet I know more then she does. It made me laugh because we were in her area the whole day and all the members were looking at me to translate things to her. lol I was explaining to a couple of the members that we were in the MTC together and have only been here a month and they all were complimenting me on how well I speak. It was nice to hear, but I still need a lot of help. I still struggle with a lot of things. But it is coming, day by day :)
The next day I was with a native and we didn´t have any problems and we communicated just fine :)
As for Dad and the Zoo question.... I have no comment on that at the current moment. As a missionary I need to be as positive as possible. When the name tag comes off I will tell you all about it. lol
Oh and tell Dad and Zach thanks for the support with the flea problems I am feeling the love. lol It is good, I have just gotten to the point that I laugh about them because that is all I can do. I don´t count and I don´t want to know. Esta bein
That fundraiser thing sounds like it was fun. I am excited for that kind of stuff when I get home. For all of the foods that I am familiar to. lol
How come Ramona's baptism got pushed back? I was thinking about her this week and I am still very excited for her.
Things in Chile are pretty much the same except we have changes next Monday. I am a little nervous for them. It will be week 6 next week and companionship's change every 6 weeks. I am going to buy a new suitcase today just in case I am going to another area so look of that to come through. Yeah I was looking at the suitcase with my Hermana Amaya and it is so busted. I don´t know what the airline did with it but they were not gentle that is for sure. Dangit anyways. lol  But anyway pray for the changes so I can either stay with Hna Amaya or get a good new companion.
Thank you everyone for all the prayers and help with the fleas. It really means a lot to me. I think the flea collar on the foot of my bed is helping out a ton because I mostly get bits on my legs during the day now. It is a huge improvement. I am looking forward to the packages though so I can try new things. Those patches sound really good though too because the members say that misquotes are going to be here soon and that they give you huge welts when they bit... yeah I am not looking forward to that. lol One investigator said that I am the fleas candy. haha
We have a lot of investigators that we are working with right now. Also we are teaching and English class to try and get new investigators. It is kind of fun and it help me work on my Spanish at the same time. I am greatful that a can understand more when we are teaching our investigtors so when I feel like I have something important to say that relates to what they are saying I can insert myself into the conversation. I did that the other day and my companion like my comment so much she asked me to repeat it in the next lesson with a different investigator. AND it was all in Spanish because my companion refuses to translate to me when we are with people.. that was really frustrating at first and still is every once and awhile but its okay. I really focus me to pay attention and focus at all times.
Oh so I was going to tell you about the yogurt. All of the yogurt here is like milk and you just drink it. I actually like it. Sometimes I use it on my cereal instead of milk. Weird huh? lol

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